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Wearing: Fleur't With Me Criss Cross Bralette/Fleur't With Me Detail Leggings

Going back to school. Ya know, every day I wake up surprised I decided to go back for the second time around. I couldn't wait to graduate from the University of Memphis, to enter the real world. Every semester I would pester my counselor with the same question: AM I DONE YET? And here I am, two and a half years later back in the classroom for a new journey. Crazy. What's even crazier is my course schedule, no week or day is the same. Both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Although, I feel super fortunate to have this opportunity to go back to school I won’t sit here and lie, by saying it’s all rainbows and butterflies. Every now and then I have this “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?!” moment. Social media is a bitch. The kind that will suck you down into a vortex of second-guessing every decision you make. Comparing all of your life moments to someone's highlights. They should be proud of their moment of success, right? I try to remember this But there is something about being 27, where I feel that I should have my life "together." Sometimes I fear that I've contracted a severe case of Peter Pan Syndrome with no hope of growing up. My baby face plays right on into the part of "student." Most people have a hard time believing that I am indeed a few years older than 21. Making me as the grandma of the group. So, I guess it's a blessing and a curse all in one.

So, I've decided to make a few changes to my daily routine hoping to feel a little more "put together." Adulting, if you will. Hauling right over to my pajama collection. Trading in those gnarly oversized tees and cotton granny panties for matching sets and a flowy chemise. Even better, I didn't have to trade my sporty-spice vibes for an overly feminine look. Literally, never going back. It has made such a difference to my mood at night. What better way to get some beauty rest when you're feeling pretty? Mornings are so much better too. I wake up, grab my Drop Shoulder Robe, brew a pot of coffee and walk out onto my balcony. Honestly, I feel like a full-fledged adult now.

If you've been following on Instagram (and if you're not you should be @thelaceappeal), you'll notice I've bee all about Fleur't Intimates lately. They were so kind enough to send me a few goodies before heading off to London. And let me tell you, I am obsessed.

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Wearing: Back to Campus Mesh Insert Bralette/Boxer Short with Mesh Insert

When it comes to pajamas, I like my fabrics to be smooth and soft. Like, who wants to lay in bed wearing pieces that are uncomfortable and scratchy? Not me. Oh, and they need to be lightweight. Otherwise, I'll wake up the next morning in a puddle of sweat. And let's be honest, that's not a cute look. Avoiding this like the black plague, I've spent a majority of my summer rocking the Back to Campus Mesh Insert Bralette & Boxer Short. Which was absolutely perfect for the sweltering hot and humid summer we had on Long Island this year.

The bralette isn't exactly the most supportive for the boobies. However, it is loungewear. And in these styles, I always prioritize comfort and quality over support. But don't worry. Everything stays intact while you're tossing and turning. I have yet to wake up with my boobs popping out ready to party. The shorts remind me of a looser version of a boy short. Full coverage, but can be considered "skimpy" to some. If you have a bigger booty, like me, I'd suggest going up a size.

Since we basically skipped fall and went right into winter here in London. I've been wearing a lot more of the Fleur't With Me (can we just take a moment to admire how cute this collection name is for a second?) Criss Cross Bralette & Detail Leggings. It's a little bit cozier than the campus set. But what I love most is the bralette legging combo. It's basically the perfect combo of comfort and sexy. Plus, it relieves the stress of waking up to a puddle from those night sweats.

This bralette has a little bit more support compared to the campus. It also contains a hook and eye, which will help as the bralette wears and stretches over time. Just a top, when have a garment including a hook and eye. You want to start wearing it locked on the last hook. Throughout the lifetime of the garment, you will adjust the hook inwards. I love the details of the criss-cross back, it's super cute and also helps with support. But really how much support do you need in loungewear? Isn't the whole point to keep comfortable?

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Wearing: Fleur't With Me Criss Cross Bralette/Fleur't With Me Detail Leggings

Now, I am a HUGE fan of Rayon. To me, it feels like one of the softest fabrics to ever exist. So, I'm pretty much going to like anything that's made of this fabric. Especially, these leggings. I'm obsessed with the side details, most of the time I find myself hooking the criss-cross on the ankles to the bottom of my heel. I guess I just prefer the look and think it helps keep my feet a little warmer.

Seriously though, these two sets are the perfect start to upgrading your pajama wardrobe. Maybe you're going off to school for the first time and want something cute for the dorms? Or you were just informed you received that promotion at work? Or you're that mom who needs to treat herself after sending her kids back to school? Whatever the occasion may be, it's always worth investing in yourself. And you won't go wrong with treating yourself to either one or both, of these sets.

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