Two Full Years of Lingerie Blogging

Journelle Anais Set in Petal

Wearing: Journelle Anais set in Petal

Holy Fuck y’all, The Lace Appeal is officially two years old.

How did we even get here? Part of me is not really sure where the time has gone. It's pretty much this weird feeling that two years feels like both ages ago and yesterday, All at one time (if that is even possible).

Aka so many mixed emotions.

Gotta be honest here, I thought I would have a lot more words to type out. But as I am sitting here at the Montreux Palace bar, sipping on a Mexican Blackout (some sort of tequila concoction), looking up at the Swiss Alp's, I actually find myself nearly speechless.

If I were any other influencer. I'd be out here listing all of the wonderful things I've accomplished in these two years. With a side of praising how this will be my most exciting year yet. Because let's face it, most people out there would rather read a whole post that is positive and uplifting. Good vibes, right? But if I want to be completely transparent with you. Positivity is really fucking hard for me. Like for some fucked up reason my brain just can't vibe with it. So much, that the first fifteen minutes of my day are allocated to shifting my thoughts into a not so negative place. Yes. I'm not always all gung-ho on being confident and badass. It requires some work.

Oh and a brief side note. By negative I do not mean depressive. I just mean, I am really hard on myself. Half glass empty kind of girl versus full. Rather than being proud of my work always thinking it is subpar. That I could have pushed myself harder to accomplish more. Never actually satisfied with my end result.

It's probably why I spend a lot of time aiming to empower other women. Because feeling this way all of the time is exhausting. Hopefully, no one reading this can relate. And if you do, I am here to remind you there is nothing wrong with you. It actually can be managed if you but in the effort.

So, why am I admitting this to you?

Because it is really fucking easy to scroll through someone's social media and assume. Assume that the person is rich, lucky, doing the most and all of it makes them happy. Truth is, you don't know the reality behind any perfect picture. You rarely see and hear their struggles. More like just faking it until they make it.

Part of me feels that way with this blog.

In the beginning, I had absolutely NO FUCKING CLUE what on earth I was doing. There was no plan. The only thing I knew about bras were the held your boobs. There was no content. The only thing I had was this concept of and something deep inside of me kept telling me to pursue it.

So, I did the batshit thing. Quit my job working for a fashion designer, put all my belongings in storage, got in my car, and left Los Angeles.

(& no I would not suggest anyone else follow in my footsteps. There are so many things I wish I had done differently. But we will save that for another blog post).

And now that the tequila has helped me find my words, I can proudly admit:

  • I left my dream life in LA has allowed me to visit over 100 lingerie boutiques in the world.

  • I made the decision to go back to school, studying lingerie design (in an entirely different country)

  • Learned a fuck ton about lingerie (the topic is way more complicated than you could imagine)

  • Had way too many website makeovers

  • Created a lot of fun (& hopefully relatable) content

  • Shoot with so many creative photographers all over the world

I'm sure there are a few things that I am missing, but the one thing I am most proud of is the community we have all built together. The Lace Appeal isn't just a website. It has turned into a real, fun, and safe place to discuss all things lingerie. I hope this next year we can only continue to help more women understand that wearing lingerie with confidence is a beautiful thing.

Melissa Cherniss