TMI: Period

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Fair warning, this post is hella cringe-worthy. To the point where I am pretty much embarrassed for myself. I'm sitting here at Joe & the Juice wondering what has possessed me to share this with the entire world. Hopefully, one day this won't come back to haunt me. But here we go, another rant to end what has been an "interesting" weekend, to say the least. Oh, and of course, it's that time of the month. My period, how fun?!

The whole point of sharing this story is to ask you, ladies, a question. Because I am selfishly intrigued, do you feel comfortable bringing up period talk in front of men? Or are you like me, and avoid this topic at all possible costs?

So, I am starting to wonder if avoiding this conversation is healthy? Aren't we supposed to learn how to talk things out constructively? Now, I am not saying we should all pull a Julie Andrews and climb the tallest mountaintop announcing "the time has come." But I think, as a woman, we should feel comfortable saying: "I'm on my period, I don't want to do this." You know, without fearing repercussions of being seen as weak or making a dude feel uncomfortable. Because, bro, I can fill you in on what it's like to ACTUALLY feel uncomfortable. In fact, there is a whole list of things.

But today I'll save you from the dirty the details. Or maybe not. I can't speak for all women out there, but day number two is like the wrath of hell trying to escape my uterus. We're talking neverending cramps, severe cervix pressure, forever feeling nauseous and being off balance due to nausea. Perhaps, feeling off balanced is just a side effect from the whiplash I've been getting from all these mood swings. The drama.

I promise, there is a point to my question. Just hear me out.

The only downside of this whole CrossFit Acadamey thing is the limited class options. I'm only invited to join on designated days:




If you miss one, you're basically shit out of luck. And you're expected to make up the class before you graduate. More importantly, each session counts for operation size four. Like, I actually look forward to these days.


It's Thursday, day number two and the wrath of hell is in FULL effect. Of course, this just so happens to fall on the academy schedule. MAJOR EYE ROLL. But whatever, no big deal, exercise is supposed will help with the cramps and all. So I arrive, happy as can be until I hear what moves I'll be focusing on: LUNGES AND SUMO SQUATS. Like, you're joking, right? Now, if you have no clue what a sumo squat is, picture yourself doing a plie with weights. Literally, I can't make this shit up.

Basically, I enter panic mode after seeing this workout that's planned for me. It's not just some mindless workout, where I can come conquer and leave. Nope. It's now having to concentrate on my Kegels hoping this tampon doesn't slide on out. Resulting in blood pouring all down my leg, Carrie style. Or the fact I might birth 95 jellyfish in the process. Making the situation even worse, the loo's/bathrooms (whatever you want to call it) were fucking locked.

My only thought: Mayday, how the fuck is this tampon supposed to stay in?! Let's hope for the best.

Overall, the whole workout was a BUST. I was so caught up in fearing there was a big red stain on my ass (mind you I was wearing black pants), I never actually put in real effort.

So, here is where the question comes into fruition. Should I have just told the instructor: bro, it's my period I'd prefer not to partake in this sumo madness? Like, can we switch things up and work on arms, because, vagina?

Or did I do the right thing by working out in fear?

But like, I wanna know: WHY DID I FEEL SUCH A NEED TO MAKE THIS GUY NOT FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE? Why can't men just understand and not get in a pissy mood when you tell them such things?

Or maybe it's just all in my head, and I'm overreacting here.

I ask you ladies, what would you do in this situation?