Three Classic Bras with A Twist


This week, I decided to take a mini hiatus from all of my "responsibilities." All of them. We're talking, NO blog, NO phone, and most importantly NO social media. Re-learning how to appreciate being in the moment. Plus, I keep hearing all of these horror stories pertaining design school. Word on the street it's pretty hardcore and not so easy. Basically, you eat, breathe, sleep school. Like, staying up all night to finish projects with the never-ending fight against perfection. Every thought, every detail, every millimeter counts. Not much room for mistakes. So, I decided to spend this week catching up on much-needed future sleep. Binge watching Netflix. And eating an abundant amount of toast with Nutella. This way I can start classes relaxed, ready to make shit happen.

The start of school has me feeling a whirlwind of emotions. For one, there is excitement that it's finally happening. The wait is all over. It feels like it was ages ago that I applied for the program. (Can you tell patience is my strong suit?) Then there are all the nerves. Like, burning fabric with the irons and not getting enough beauty sleep. Let's not forget the guilt of quitting my semi-stable and (not so) fabulous life in Los Angeles to chase this dream (Which I why I needed to lay off Social Media. Sometimes you fall in this unhealthy vortex of comparing yourself to everyone else). Because we can collectively admit, it's a little batshit. But mainly, I am feeling thankful for this opportunity. If I've learned anything in this year of "waiting" is:


I also needed this mini vacation to make sure my ducks were in a row. Although we don't need textbooks (or at least I'm unaware we need them), one does need supplies to attend school. And not just a three subject notebook with a number two pencil. It's more like:




measuring tape


flexible rulers


right foot

left foot

(not my own but for the sewing machine)

What can I say? Sometimes a girl needs to press pause.

As I write this post, it boggles my mind in just a few short weeks I will learn how to design, create and make a bra. How fucking cool, right? If only I were the size of the mannequins (34B), it would be even cooler. But what can you do? I've started to think about my aesthetic and brand if I were an actual designer. Probably something along the lines of classic with a twist. You know, like a Blood Orange Margarita. Something with a little pizzaz, but totally wearable. Kinda like these three bras here:

Dame de Paris by Marlies Dekkers

Push-up Bra

Have to admit this is my go-to bra when I want to style my bra into my outfit. Or I feel that my look is a little bland. The straps paired with a low-cut top will spice things up a bit. It's kind of like the perfect built-in accessory. Exactly the intentions behind this style according to Marlies herself (so obsessed with her brand and mission).

I was surprised to learn this was a push-up when first trying it on. Because I've been so against push-up bras ever since I've exited my VS leopard print phase. Where basically your boobs were pushed right into your chin. Well, for me at least anyway. But this bra gives a subtle push that looks incredibly natural.

Care is simple. Although I am ALL about the handwashing when it comes to my collection (have to protect the investment). I've had this for a little over a year now, and it has survived the washing machine once or twice.

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London X Back Bra by Giapenta

T-Shirt Bra

I basically wore this bra all summer long. The front closure claps made getting ready on those hot, humid summer days bearable. Like, there is no going back now. One click it's on, the next it's off. Easy. Plus, the X back looks super cute in a tank dress.

But let's talk about the band for a hot second. The fabric is not only so soft but forms to your body hiding any back fat rolls (for lack of better terms). Personally, this helped me tons with my self-confidence. As many of you know, I've gone through an extreme weight gain since the beginning of this year. Having a bra that highlighted my assets and essentially masked my "problem" areas.

Like the Dame de Paris, the care to this has been super easy. Because I wear this so often, it's gone through the machine more frequently than handwashing. So far, there haven't been any issues. Along with no discoloration on the clasp.

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Natori Feathers Bra by Natori

Plunge Bra

Last winter, I spent a lot of time traveling to different Nordstrom stores across the United States. And if you can't locate a local lingerie boutique in your area or prefer to shop at department stores, the lingerie section is the bomb. So many different brands, styles, and the staff are extremely knowledgeable. They also informed me that the Natori Feathers Bra was the number one selling bra, which doesn't even surprise me.

Sure, it's a basic plunge bra. But the lace overlay gives it that extra "je ne sais quoi." Even better, it has that bralette look with the bra support. Perfect for the girl looking for just that. I've totally rocked this bra under a low-cut tee or tank purposefully showing off the lace.

I'll be honest and say that it's unfortunate that I haven't worn my feathers in a while. I bought it almost two years ago when I was a 34C. But now I measure at a 32/34D depending on the brand. So, it doesn't fit at all. But when I regularly wore this piece, I'd hand wash just because of the lace.

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We all know how I feel about lingerie being versatile for so many different reasons/occasions/purposes. And I think classic with a twist, covers just that.

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