The Perfect Summer Nights Robe

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Wearing: Fleur’t With Me Summer Nights Robe

Happy Monday Y'all! Hope you all back home in America are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend. I for one will just be sitting in the corner of my apartment, wearing my drop shoulder robe in black. Sobbing over the fact September is officially here. Because where did summer go? I don’t remember it starting.

While everyone back at home is sipping on spicy margaritas and devouring many orders of chips and guac, I’ll be preparing myself for move number 20187. You see, this weekend was one for the books. Like, almost getting robbed. Saturday, I decided to do a little exploration of London Town. One, I needed those extra steps for operation size four. Two, it was surprisingly a beautiful day. I thought I would go visit Coco De Mer (one of the best lingerie boutiques in this city) and find an American bar to watch the Alabama game. Because the suspense of the starting quarterbacks is literally giving me hives (and if you're wondering Team Jalen). But the next thing you know, I found myself in a basement bar with avocado wallpaper, taking advantage of the happy hour special. Two love potions later, I decided to call it quits. I began my journey back home and just so happened to stumble upon a bookstore. Of course, I had to walk in and make a purchase. I spent a solid ten minutes trying to decide what biography on Coco Chanel I needed to read (at least I know I went into the right profession). Although, I probably own six different versions back home in America. I got home to my liter or water and began to read away. Two pages later, I was passed on out no later than 8 pm.

In the midst of my slumber, some strange man decided to crawl through my window. Yes, you read this correctly, shouting "hello." Now, the police here have told me we're not allowed to assume. But I believe he would have easily taken my belongings if I hadn't been on the property. I was startled, to say the least. I woke up screaming, yelling at him to get the fuck out. Of course, I slept in a cami tank. So naturally, my boobs were flopping all over the damn place trying to chase this guy away. It was a fucking terrifying experience. Even more so, because this wasn't the first incident. Day two of living here someone waltz right on into my apartment using a key. Like, hello? I do live here now. Needless to say, I have been shaken up for most of the weekend running on little fuel. So, with great pleasure, I am here to announce I will be moving again, to a better apartment, with no burglaries.

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Wearing: Fleur’t With Me Summer Nights Robe

On a happier note, the internet arrived this morning. I am no longer living like a pioneer and back to the 21st century. Gotta say I don't think I've ever appreciated shitty TV and late night internet surfing as I do now.

Moving on from the boring yet dramatic details of my life. Here to announce I've decided to re-do the monthly themes. Seeing I dropped the ball this summer and all. Thought it would make the most sense to bring it back with the Basics. Taking you guys along my journey of what I wear every day, not only the different styles but why I wear them. We’ll go semi-deep on this topic because I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot of great info in school. Which I cannot wait to share.

Lately, i have been all about maturing my wardrobe. As in, making clothing choices that make me look more like an adult than a child. Trying my best to differentiate myself from the teeny-boppers, somehow. And a robe has been doing that for me lately. Entirely inspired by an old roommate who used to wear one every night before bed, and every morning while making his coffee. Even in the dead of summer when it's boiling hot. But, it seems cozy. Also, it hides the dreadful appearance of the janky t-shirt paired with casual hot-pink shorts from my college days.

I have been pretty obsessed with Fleur’t Intimates. Not just because they sent me a killer care package filled with all sorts of goodies. But the products are actually comfortable and useful. Like this Drop Shoulder Robe in black, which I literally can't get enough of. Literally wearing it right now as I pack my life away edition: 272847. It's kind of the perfect pick for fall. What better way to sip on pumpkin spiced lattes and while watching reruns of Sex and the City? Stay cozy folks.

Personally, I wear mine every morning. It's one of the few minor details that allows me to wake up, excited. Because as a night owl, there is nothing I hate more than an early morning wakeup call. Plus, mornings here in England are quite colder. The kind where you dread getting out from under your duvet. This robe also helps with the coldness. It hangs right next to my nightstand, so it's reachable while laying in bed. I like to think of this robe as the transitional piece from bed to real life. Even better to slip into this baby right after a warm shower too. Getting out of bed into the cold is dreadful. But there is nothing worse than having to turn off the running warm water of the shower. Then standing there like a wet dog trying to keep warm? Literally, I pat myself down and throw on this robe immediately. Again, the best transitional piece from your bed to the real world.

I"m also a huge fan of the fabric as it contains a mixture of rayon and spandex. The touch is super soft and cozy, but also stretches for making it easy to perform daily tasks. Like making breakfast in the morning, you won't even notice you're wearing it. Sometimes, you'll find yourself a robe where the tie just won't stay tight. No matter how many times and knots you add, eventually the whole thing will come undone. The next thing you know you've lost the sash into the unknown abyss of your home and the point of having a robe is lost. Well, rest assured, this robe will not only stay tied (even while you play around with the draping of the neckline).

Ladies, I highly recommend you treat yourself to this robe as we enter into our fall season. You won't regret it.

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