The Malia Plunge is the Perfect Date Night Bra

Colette & Sebastian Malia Plunge in Black.JPG

Wearing: Malia Plunge Bra from Collette & Sebastian 

Having one of those days where I almost got done editing this post, and the interwebs kicked off.  I guess this is why they say you shouldn't write your posts directly to the page first.  No way of saving when things go wrong.  So, let's brew some coffee and do it again.  Second times a charm, right?  Guess that's the joy of technology.  


I think it's safe to say, like fashion, we have our own style when it comes to lingerie.  Most like the two styles are similar.  But it is common for women to get a little more expressive when it comes to their undergarments.  For obvious reasons, such as being hidden under our clothes.  Maybe your clothes scream business casual, but your panties channel your inner rock star.  Know whatever style you choose is totally OKAY because there is no right answer.  The only wrong answer is wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable and less confident.  

Wearing these garments into the bedroom can stir up quite the frenzy.  It's easy to obsess over the simplest questions, like: 

Is it sexy enough?

Does it fit right?

Is this cutting into my love handles awkwardly?

Will s/he like it?

Does this make my butt look big enough?


Aka the results of "sex sells (to men)" marketing.  We're overly concerned with what our partners will think we forget ourselves in the process.  Do we not remember that women are sexual beings too?  That maybe we should ask ourselves "how do I want to present myself, sexually" Of course, in a safe and consensual situation without ANY fear of judgment?   

Now wouldn't that be something?  


Here's the thing, there is no wrong answer when it comes to lingerie.  As long as YOU feel comfortable, sexy (insert emotion/adjective you're trying to achieve).  Maybe you're the girl who prefers a solid silky chemise?  Or someone who loves a harness.  Perhaps you're a little like me and find yourself somewhere in the middle, right between conservative and expressive.  If that's the case, the Malia Plunge bra by Colette & Sebastian is the perfect compromise.  From the front, you have the classic feminine lace.  But in the back, you have the sexy strappy harness.  Literally, best of both worlds. 

So what makes this bra so special? 

Malia is designed with the hottest lingerie trends in mind, making it the ultimate layering piece.  Hands-down, my favorite feature of this bra would be the eyelash lace that's stitched along neckline.  Not sure I can think of a better way to decorate my boobs?  Except maybe these cups.  If we take a look closer, we can there is a seam that runs vertically along the center of the cup, stopping near the apex.  It is also lined with a neutral colored nylon stabilizer.  So when it's worn, the lace appears to look tattooed onto the body.

Another fun trend that is floating around the industry would be the accentuation of the center bridge.  It literally brings the attention straight to your cleavage when paired with a low-cut top or dress.  Your significant other won't be able to take their eyes off you.  Typically, this feature is constructed with a mono-underwire.  However, Colette & Sebastian went with two separate wires, which I personally find a lot easier.  As you wear the bra, things can get disrupted and tangled.  The longer the underwire is, the more difficult it is to adjust.  

I've posted this particular bra a few times onto my Instagram stories,  and the number one question asked: "does the centerpiece (bridge) dig into the skin?"  

Answer:  No, not at all.  I've worn this piece a few times out dancing and never once found it uncomfortable. 

I probably should mention somewhere that this bra is only available in a small, medium and large.  Currently, as a 32/34D (depending on the brand) and a dress size of 8, Colette thought the large would work best.  She was right.  Even if I was a little confused by the sizing at first.  However, the harness strap band can be tricky to navigate for a first timer.  Each strap is made of elastic that contains gold hardware.  Allowing you to make each adjustment as to you see fit.  Personally, I like mine a little loose to avoid any bulging.  

What bra style is Malia? 

For starters, we can immediately identify this bra as a plunge.  Mainly, because it's written right into the description.  But let's talk about it from a technicality purpose.  Typically, a plunge bra contains a deep V neckline and low-cut cups,  pushing the boobs slightly up and in to create a natural looking cleavage.  The concept was designed to wear under particularly low-cut tops and dresses.  It's also an excellent style for full-perky boobs who find push-up bras to be too intense.  Think of it like a step-down.  

(Please note that this is a generalization and not all brands and designers will adhere to this definition).  

How can you style Malia into your 'Date Night' look?

1.  Button-Up

First off, you can style this bra with just about any color of the rainbow.  I mean, black does go with everything.  Secondly, a button-up can go with just about any bottom you'd like.  Pants? Skirt? Shorts?  Literally, anything.  And lastly, you can adjust the buttons according to your comfort level or whatever vibes you want to give.  

2.  Black Romper

Malia can be the perfect way to spice up a plain black romper.  Typically, they have a bit of a low cut in the front.  Allowing the lace to be a fun way to add some texture into the look.  Throw on a white blazer and your favorite heels, and you're set for the night.  

3.  Blackless Dress

Let's not forget about the other sensual parts of our body.  Like, our backs?    The harness feature of the Malia Plunge as deserves to be shown off to make a statement.  Peeping through a backless dress will definitely leave your S/O wondering what's coming next.   

As you can see, Malia is the perfect Date Night piece that can go straight into the bedroom.  There is no lag time between needing to get ready for the occasion.  Just take your clothes off and bam there you have it.  No need to fret.  

I would also like to take a moment to share the exciting news of the latest partnership between The Lace Appeal and Colette & Sebastian.  This is really exciting for me because I've spent a good portion of the year obsessing over the brand.  And become more obsessed when meeting Colette and learning her story.  Like me, Colette is a millennial from Long Island making her mark in the lingerie industry.  Majoring in finance, dreaming of being a powerhouse on Wall Street.  However, she quickly became more inspired by the idea of creating lingerie that would both empower women in the boardroom and the bedroom.  And let me tell you, her designs achieve that and more.  

Melissa Cherniss