The Cutest Velvet Panties for Lounging Around

Hanky Panky Velvet Panties in Black.JPG

Wearing: Panne Velvet Shirred Briefs in Black (size: Medium)


Aka the hottest trend of the holiday, well for lingerie that is. You could pretty much find it everywhere. Kendall + Kylie used it in their intimates collection, Victoria’s Secret made bodysuits out of the fabric, and lets not forget how Hanky Panky used it for panties.

I stumbled across these panties during my trip to Boston, back in December. They were out on display at Bloom Lingerie, a boutique located in the outskirts of the city. Such a lovely store by the way. The panties came in two different color options, pink and black. Clearly from the photographs you can tell I went with black. Although, it was a tough choice. They’re the best for lounging around the house on a rainy day, with a cup of coffee and a Harry Potter marathon. And you may or may not be able to rock these at a festival. I’d say they’re a lot more comfortable than jean shorts which tend to be restricting. Plus, who doesn’t like a little booty action?

So you’re probably wondering why I have waited so long to feature my velvet panties on the blog. I mean, it was holiday trend and we are well into spring. Well, I wonder the exact same thing to be completely honest.

But I have a confession for you, I am really fucking forgetful to the point it’s problematic. And it drives some people bananas, I blame it on my genes or lack of B12 vitamins. Because its 2018 and who take accountability for their actions. Please know that was sarcasm. But it doesn’t matter how hard I organize, not even having a productive preparation will stop me from leaving something behind. Not even a well thought list, because you know what? I probably forgot to add something to the list.

Literally, the fucking worst.

Unfortunately, these panties did not make it into my suitcase from New York during my great escape to the west coast. So you could only imagine my excitement to be reunited with them during my last trip home.

After writing all this out and reliving my forgetfullness, the sound of moving everything back to New York sounds so wonderful. Right now, at this very moment, my belongings are scattered across the world in four different locations. And let me tell you it’s no picnic in the park. It’s hard to plan out anything when you think you know where “that one thing is,” but in reality you have no fucking clue. So come June, for the first time in roughly ten years all of my belongings will be under one roof. Well, until I move out to London. But I’m going to venture to guess that managing two different locations will be a lot easier than four. Hopefully there will be no more lame excuses as to why I can’t find my panties.

“Fuck, I left that in California.”

“Well, that is still in New York.”

No more.

Lounging Velvet Panties in Black.JPG

The upside to all of this, these patines are now on sale! And you need them, like now. Maybe I’ll get a pair in pink too. Did I mention how perfect they are for lounging around at a casual Netflix binge?

The brand, Hanky Panky, has classified these bottoms as a brief style. Now I am not one for confrontation and all (insert sarcasm voice), but I beg to differ. It’s not a bad a thing though. I say this, because it got a touch more coverage than your average brief pantie. But it doesn’t quite make the coverage to be a boy short. So, maybe it’s like a boy-brief? Haha. It’s a good fit though. As always, I went with the medium option. At that time you could say I was a solid size six (this was pre holidays and current weight gain) so it fit like a glove. I almost expected the panties not to fit, seeing I’ve put on a pound or two since fall. But the garment is still just as flattering. The fabric does contain quite a bit of spandex, which is good to contour the body nicely. There is no need for a size eight to purchase the size large, medium will fit perfectly fine. I’m also kind of digging the frilly details of this bottom, which is so not me. Maybe I am entering a new phase and need girly details to my lingerie? We’ll revisit that at another time.

So, my question for you is. Did you buy a pair yet? If not they should at least be in your shopping cart. I promise you will not regret buying them. And when you’re binging on a good TV show while wearing these super soft velvet panties be sure to take a picture and send it to me. Okay, that sounded a lot less creepier in my head. Let’s just pretend I did not say that.


And with that I am going to bed now.