The Best Bra's to Travel In

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When I was younger, I used to travel out to Los Angeles every summer to spend time with my grandparents. My mom would put me on the plane, alone, as an unaccompanied minor and jet-set off to the opposite side of the country. They'd always seat me right after boarding first-class & on the occasional flight, I'd even get to meet the pilots and look inside the cockpit. Walking towards the back of the plane, I would pass the men and women who primarily looked as if they were travelling for business. I'd always look up to those women who would wear their power suit and heels on the plane. Accessorized with a brand named briefcase filled with a laptop and files. Preparing for what seems like a big meeting trying to seal the deal. I remember always wanting to be that woman.

Fast forward, twenty years later, that woman sounds like my worst nightmare. I'm lucky if I walk onto a plane looking anything but sloppy-chic. I'd much rather arrive somewhere the night before to settle in, gather myself according, slather on a face mask and a good nights rest for that exact type of meeting.

Yah feel me?

Travelling just so happens to be a massive part of Haute Commotion. More than I anticipated if I'm being honest. It seems like I'm appreciating my home more and more these days. There are the tradeshows in Paris and New York City (I know, boo-hoo me, right?). Along with the annual road trips around the United States discovering and reviewing different lingerie boutiques.

It's a lot of travelling. And I'd like to think I know a thing or two about which bras are the best for such purposes.

So what type of bra are you looking for when you travel? That's the first question you have to ask yourself. For me, it's definitely a fifty/fifty combination of both support and comfort. Like, who really wants to sit down on a flight wearing itchy lace or an underwire that is digging into them? No one. & if you're having those issues, you're probably in need of a new bra.

But let's get into it because I'm a bit psycho when it comes to this. Though I promise there is theory to my madness.

Before deciding what bra to wear, I think of how long I will be travelling for. Is a short trip of no more than 3 hours? Or will it be something longer? Again, that might seem extra AF, but I promise there is a point to all of this. Lately- especially, in the warm weather, I've noticed that my skin reacts differently to certain fabrics. Granted, I do actually have sensitive skin, to begin with. Sports bras, as much as I adore them, will make me break out if I not only wear them all day long. But wear anything with that same type of moisture-wicking spandex fabric consecutive days in a row. It made me realize, of course, all of our skin needs to breathe too. & why not add this to the travel skin routine as well?

Again, I know this is EXTRA AF. But here are my suggestions for travel bras:

Let's say you're headed for a short little trip, something in the 0-3 hour range. I think it's safe to wear a sports bra or a similar style. Personally, I go for the NANA BRA by MIEL SISTERS or their RACERBACK BRA (that I am currently wearing, and spilt coffee all over, long story). The fabrics are made of a microfiber spandex blend, that contains built-in antimicrobial protection against stains and odours. Deff helpful for the girl like me who always seems to check their deodorant in their bag underneath. It's super comfy, and still contains the right amount of support.

For a longer trip, like anything that's three hours or more, I suggest being a little more conscientious with the fabrics. It's better to wear something natural and breathable against the skin, like cotton.


My absolute favourites are:


So, there is a funny story behind this bra. I actually hated it when I first bought it. Avoided it like it was the black plague and for many weeks questioned why I even purchased it in the first place. Of course, one laundry day, I had no choice but to wear this around. & of course, after like two minutes, I remembered. It's great for so many reasons, the front closure makes it easier to put on. The V neck makes it easy to wear under a simple tee or even a white button-down if that's your thing. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes (bands: 34-56, cups: A-H) and at a decent price point of 24 bucks. Trust me, ya can't go wrong with this.



Another one of my ride or dies- especially during the school year. The train station closest to campus is about a mile away. It can sometimes feel like a shit show hauling around a backpack, a tote, winter jacket and an umbrella. A lot of times I'll wear this bra because it gives me the support of a sports bra. But also want my skin to breathe when I'm studying in school for twelve hours that day. It's also turned into one of my go-to for long haul travelling like flights from London to New York or a train from Switzerland to Paris. It's comfortable, and you won't even feel like you're wearing anything. & you won't be afraid of the girls falling out when you're stuffing your suitcase into the overhead bin.

& lastly, for one that I am just DYING to try:


I'm just sorta obsessed with this brand. Like, there is nothing I love more than lounging around on a crisp fall day drinking a homemade pumpkin spiced latte (lots of ice) and wearing a cropped sweater with their organic cotton boy shorts. Low-key probably my favourite outfit to date. It's a panty brand I ALWAYS recommend because again, your skin needs breathable fabrics. & that doesn't stop for the parts down there. Gotta switch things up. I've had my eye on the Solange Crop Top for travel. I feel like it's that kind of length if you're travelling someplace warm you don't really need to cover up. But also great underneath a huge chunk sweater. Like, you can't really go wrong. Their sizes run a little different, 0-4. So, it would be worth investigating the reviews to see how it fits and what their buyers are saying.