Teddy Turned Festival Look

Helena Teddy by Marie Bella in Black.JPG

Wearing: Helena Teddy by Marie Bella Lingerie in Black (S/M)

I am pretty sure we can all agree that we just love to receive packages. Doesn't matter who its carried by, UPS, FedEx, and the incredible United States Postal Services. Even those packages that are needed a signature. But you were screening your neighbors because you can't be bothered. And no you have to wait twenty minutes in line at the local post office to pick it up. Okay, maybe that was a little too dramatic.

But this morning I woke to the best package ever, a huge thanks to Marie Bella Lingerie. I've been eyeing the Helena Teddy for a little bit of time now. So I was extra excited to see that inside. I mean, I put it on immediately.

With all of the excitement happening on my end. It only made sense to make our lingerie of the week, the Helena Teddy by Marie Bella Lingerie. Normally, I like to wear and wash a product twice before doing a review. However, this time we're letting this style slip because I was just that obsessed. Such an easy piece to turn into a festival look. It's so practical for a girl like me. Not only am I lazy. But trying to remember 800 fragments to one full look, is just too much for me.

Marie Bella Black Teddy as seen in Ladybird Lingerie.JPG

On a little bit of a serious topic. In January, I decided to go vegetarian. For one, my skin looked better on the weeks I opted out of meat. And I no longer wanted to be the reason a pig dies for bacon. It's kind of sad, actually. So, I went cold turkey. Not realizing that maybe my body would be affected in some way. Well, for the past two months or so, I've been complaining about my sleeping patterns. I'd have to take naps in the middle of the day or sleep for seven hours at a time and be up for nine, and repeat. It was strange, and not working. I also suffered from a three-day hangover last week, which is totally abnormal. And seeing that even with health insurance, the doctor isn't cheap. So, I'm playing WebMD for the time being. Googling my symptoms, starting from the least severe ailment and working my way up. My guess is it's a B12 deficiency. Part of this deficiency includes the inability to remember details. Like, packing for vacation and leaving behind your hair supplies. The moral of this whole story is, less is more. Fingers crossed these new B12 pills bring me back to life.

Yes, here I have the teddy ready to go for Coachella. By the way, if you're going weekend two, feel free to DM me. Let's meet and take cute selfies together. Maybe we'll have matching outfits. Anyway, it also can be used for lounging around and sleeping. But you already know how much I love a versatile piece.

The fabric is a touch sheer, and I am wearing a bodysuit underneath. During the actual festival, I'd opt out of the bodysuit and put on a pair of boyshorts for bottom coverage. The top was double layered and draped nicely over the chest. Personally, I don't mind a 'chesty' moment. But a cute bralette underneath would work too. Maybe something lace or strappy for extra detail, or just stick to the bodysuit.

Black Teddy Festival Look by Marie Bella.JPG

You can totally adjust the straps along the garment. This way you can control the amount of draping in the front. The looser the straps, a more significant draping effect will occur. There is elastic in the middle of the garment to rest along the waist. It's in the perfect location, too. It totally highlights your bum, without taking away from the top. You know what I am talking about, right? Sometimes you get those rompers that have the tie/elastic is placed in the absolute worse spot. Like, it's either too loose on the bottom or too tight, and you can't sit down. This shape of the silhouette is truly flattering. Oh, they send me a size s/m. Currently, my pant size is between a six and eight, on a really bloated day. I felt the fit was nice, not too tight, but really flattered the body nicely.

It's the perfect addition to your lingerie collection, especially, if you're looking to wear it to multiple occasions. Definately go and check it out.