So What REALLY is a Low Impact Sports Bra?

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Wearing: Low Impact Zella Sports Bra (Medium)

Pilates has most definitely turned into my latest fitness obsession. Don't get me wrong; I love a good HIIT class. You get all your cardio done in one short hour and leave feeling ten pounds lighter. But there is nothing wrong with adding a low-impact workout which will focus on strengthening different muscles. It's easy to fall into the trap by thinking low-impact exercises are easy. But that is not the case with Pilates. Like it's actually pretty fucking challenging. And I envy the chicks who make it look so easy (cough, cough Amber. Aka the girl who brought me to my very first class a few months back). Maybe one day I will make it to their level. But for now, my primary focus is not falling over onto the carriage next to me. Because we all know that would just be way too embarrassing. But let me tell, you the burn during a class is unreal.

Boobs are the last thing you want to deal with when you're working on your burn. Especially when you're in some downward dog position trying not to fall on the floor. I've got to say, these sports bras designed for low-impact exercises are a lot cuter. There is a lot more design flexibility to these styles because the movements are not as abrupt. If you wore this during a boot camp class, you'd find yourself flopping a little bit more than usual. And just a reminder, the main purpose of a sports bra is to eliminate and reduce boob bouncing when working out, avoiding any possibility of ligament damage. I say this in every Sports Bra Saturday post; it's important to know if you're wearing the right sports bra during your gym session.

So, I bought this Zella Sports bra a few seasons back from Nordstrom. It may even have been a score from the annual summer sale. Unfortunately, this style is no longer available on their website. But they do have an updated version called the Dawn Sports Bra. At the moment the new sports bra only comes in black. And typically, that it the only color I gravitate towards when it comes to activewear. Like, let's not show the world all my sweat stains. You know what I mean, right? But there is something about this blue that is fun. I guess it's bright and bold, kind of screams "look at me." And it's good to mix up the pot now and then.

Zella Dawn Sports Bra

(the size I am wearing: medium)

I could probably do a full blog post all on the fit of this sports bra. Over the past four months, I've fluctuated between a four and eight. Like it's ridiculous. And things have gotten really weird since switching to an all-vegetarian diet. My body is definitely taking a touch too long to adjust and get back to normal. Yes, I know. I keep going on about this topic, but I feel like I'm going to have to end up choosing between clear skin and a "thinner" body. So it's a little frustrating on my end.

Rant over.

Not going to lie, the bra was a much better fit, throughout my size four/six days. Now, because my boobs have gained weight too, they can fall out with any sudden movement. Not the best situation, if we're being honest. Given my current physical state, a large would probably be the better fit. And just to clarify, I'm sizing at an eight now. I say this because the underband keeps rolling up and my boobs like to play peek-a-boo when I bend over. So I am just going to venture to guess going up a size would solve all of those problems.

So who here is a fan of the racerback? I find that it feels so much more secure on a sports bra, even more so when it's paired with thicker straps. It feels like nothing is going anywhere, am I right?



Melissa Cherniss