Six Essentials You Need This Festival Season

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Outfit details below:

Who is ready for this year's festival season? As a music lover, festivals are kind of my thing. The main reason as to why I am putting such an emphasis on festival looks. It's helping me wrap my head around possible outfits for the upcoming events. Actually, that sounds kind of selfish. But everyone always puts such a huge emphasis on Coachella, forgetting about the festivals later in the year. But I guess it does kind of kick off the season and all. So, who is going? I am a weekend two kind of girl. Weekend one seems like there is too much going on between celebs and parties. I am definitely looking for a much more laid pack scene with not as much craziness. Like, you can find me bouncing back and forth between the Yuma Tent and Do Lab.

Since we are on the subject of "chilled environments." I've agreed to camp with my friends this year. Yes, it was a drunken birthday promise, but I am not one to go back on my word. Integrity people. I might be late, but it's a promise. I am low-key freaking out, to the point I've already started packing. I camped two years ago and literally showed up with a backpack of clothes. Totally not prepared whatsoever. So this year it is my mission to make things right. I'll probably overcompensate. But that's better than coming unprepared part two.

So, what is already in my bag packed for the occasion?

1. Bodysuit

This should probably be plural because I've gone ahead and packed multiple. It's super easy to throw on, especially if you're camping. Like trying to put together a banging outfit in the middle of the desert, might be difficult. So, it's best to cut corners when you can. Start with a basic bodysuit, a color of your choice. Then throw on a cover-up, it can be silk or embroidered. And you're all set to go. Or if you find yourself looking for a little bit extra coverage, add a pair of shorts. Getting ready was made a hell of a lot easier.

2. Robe

For obvious reasons, as seen above. A cover-up/robe is a super easy way to add a little drama to your overall look. Again, I am lazy. The last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time getting ready to go. It's like an actual pet peeve of mine. Having extra lace, or silk, or even embroidery can bring your look to the next level. Quickly, might I add. Time is precious.

3. Booties

This is my trick of all tricks to anything in life. Back when I first moved to LA, I went out every Friday night (right after I cleaned my apartment). Nothing gave me more pleasure in life than scrubbing my floors, going out for a hot dance session and coming home to a clean apartment. Seriously, great times. And every single week, I'd wear a pair of booties. Guys, my booty never looked better. So perky, and firm, no squats needed. So, wearing a bootie with a little heel is my secret to that great booty.

4. Backpack

Two words, 'hands-free. Maybe it's not a backpack, but a fanny pack. But I am for any bag that is secured to your body, leaving your hands free to dance and drink. The upside to a backpack is holding all of the things. Like, a blanket to sit on, bottles of water, your wallet, car keys, whatever it is you may need. Plus, it's less likely (jinx, knock on wood) to lose. And as we know, I am a pretty forgetful person so anything that will avoid such issues. Is a plus in my opinion.

5. Blanket

I guess this all depends on the festival. Some, like Coachella, have areas for you to sit and hang around, enjoy the scenery, just hanging with your friends. And if you join me on the minimal booty coverage route, you'll probably want something to sit on, besides the ground. You know, just in case. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

6. Bralettes

So you don't want to be constricted with wearing a bra, but you need some support. Bralettes are the best way to go. Definitely, pick a style that will make your outfit pop. If you're wearing a super low-cut top, throw on a strappy piece. Maybe your dress is a leopard print; you can throw in a bralette that has a lot of lace. Look for ways that a bralette can help enhance your outfit. Dual functions support, and style.

You don't need to spend like a gagillion dollars on these items. Take advantage of the sales from sites like Forever21 and Boohoo. You can score a lot of basic pieces, for relatively inexpensive. And utilize what you already have. I wrote a post a few weeks ago on how to incorporate your current wardrobe and create the perfect festival look.

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit: Basic Jersey Bodysuit from Boohoo

Coverup: Unavailable but here is something similar

Jacket: Ripped Jean Jacket from TopShop

Backpack: This was a gift given to me by a friend, no designer details. But TopShop definitely has a few good ones worth checking out.



Melissa Cherniss