One Year, Baby!

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Wearing: Natori Feathers Collection

April fools.

Or maybe not.

It's insane to think The Lace Appeal officially launched ONE YEAR ago, today. Like insane. It's been one hell of a journey, if I may say so myself.

But why launch on April fools, like this clearly isn't a joke. Right?

I love a good "date," the day kind of dates (although, a 'date-date' doesn't suck either). You could say that I have a weird emotional attachment to numbers for the deeper meaning of things. Like, there is this personal inside joke that not everyone is in on. Literally, it gives me so much joy. Okay, that makes me sound really fucking creepy. But hopefully, you get what I am saying here.

Why this specific date?

1. What if I chickened out and decided lingerie blogging was not my cup of tea? It was the perfect out.

2. This blog sure has fooled me, in so many different ways.

Here we are, a year later. And I am still trying to process this brand new chapter of my life. So much has changed.

I've lived in three different cities.

Drove cross-country twice.

Launched one blog.

And overall, it's been one hell of a journey. Despite all the lows, like hysterically crying on my bathroom floor. Wondering why the fuck I made such a "stupid" decision, doesn't even come close to outweighing the highs.

For one, I've learned to write. Well, the better terminology would be, my writing has improved. Not sure what makes me cringe the worst. The fact that my posts were grammatically awful or none of my friends/family pulled me aside and said Melissa, get your shit together. The writing aspect of the blog was not my forte, in the very beginning. My insecurities would come out of the wood-works, I'd begin to hyperventilate. And I'd sit there forcing myself to write out one blog post. If you had asked me a year ago if that I’d learn to love it, I’d probably call bullshit on it all.

Speaking of friends and family, embarking on this journey has allowed me to see my true supporters and haters. On the daily, friends will send me links to potential jobs, because they genuinely do not understand my vision. It's weird to be. And aren't we supposed to be women supporting women? Head shaking.

I've also committed to living in London for the next three years. Despite the long winter nights and brutal cold, it's happening. Nothing a pair of warm boots and a snuggie couldn't fix. Still not sure how I feel about reentering school at the age of 27, to graduate at 30. Some days are better than others. But so excited for this opportunity to study Contour Design at the London College of Fashion, so surreal.

A year later, this is where we are.

And would it be a real ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY without a major announcement?

I have been stressing myself out, night after night, picking a city for my American presence. True story. Yes, in September, I will be heading to London for three years. But for me, it's still important to maintain a "home-base" here in The States. So, what city?

My heart fought for Los Angeles. It was a pretty good fight, for LA is my happy place. Alway has been, and always will be. But logistically it doesn't make sense. A ten-hour flight and a nine-hour time difference are too much for a weekend trip. All while attending school full-time. So, I have made the executive decision to return to New York.

I know, batshit fucking crazy.

And I will be driving back, and plan on making more store visits. Super excited to begin this next three-year chapter.