My Latest Lingerie OBSESSION (Spring Edition)

The Lace Appeal wearing Identity Lingerie Pink Lace Robe.JPG

Wearing: Identity Lingerie Pink Silky Satin Short Dressing Gown with Lace (XS-S)

If I had a dime every millennial used the word OBSESSED to express their feelings towards anything. I’d probably be retired right now. Somewhere in the Caribbean floating around on a Gold Swan floatie with a margarita in hand (all while listening to Jimmy B of course). But I can’t find a better word to describe this wonderful pink robe that was gifted to me by Identity Lingerie. Seeing that I’ve worn it for the past eleven days- you could say I’m obsessed. If you’ve been following along my Instagram stories at all, you’d know I’ve been on bed rest for the past TEN freaking days. It really feels a lot more like six months - obnoxious, right? Sometimes a girl works too hard in her workout and ends up with a hernia and can’t move. So, she’s gotta take some time for her body and wellbeing to rest. Even though I wasn’t able to leave the house much, I was adamant about “looking cute.” Sometimes when things like this happen- you know things that are beyond your control. You’ve gotta bring a little sparkle to the situation. For me, it was wearing this robe. Hoping it would hide how much of a hot mess I truly was underneath (even if no one was going to see me in the flesh).

The robe certainly helped keep my spirits up. For a tall girl like me, it’s difficult to find a robe that’s the right “short” length. I’ve always liked to drape mine in a certain way that flatters my body shape. But when I do this, a lot of the time it will hike up the length, and my booty makes an appearance. In some occasions, that's cute (if you know what I mean), but sometimes a gal is just looking for some coverage. This robe, I can drape without the extra hike and get the exact coverage I want. On top of that, can we take a second to admire this BARBIE-esque pink? So vibrant, feminine and youthful, which really helped put a smile on my face every morning.

Right now, you’re probably thinking “TEN DAYS?! Damn girl, I hope at some point you did an army crawl to the laundry room.” And of course, there was definitely a was or two that took place (hygiene is important, even when you’re sick). Typically, I like to hand wash my pieces that have lace. I’m just psycho like that, totally convinced during the machine wash the fabrics get caught inside or something along those lines. Leaving me with rags rather than a robe (oh the drama). But this time I didn’t have much choice, it went right into the gentle/delicate cycle and left to air dry afterwards. The robe survived, perfectly okay to wear afterwards.

Although I used this robe as a pick-me-up during bed rest, I think it would be such a darling gift for a bachelorette or bridal party. They have another version in white for the bride, and there are a few other colour options to explore too. Even better they have a wide range of sizes to choose from (XS-S, M-L, XL-XXL). I will say though, this robe here is currently on sale so you might want to grab it now before it all sells out.

A huge thanks to Identity Lingerie for making bed rest a little bit brighter!!

Feel free to shop all the goodies at Identity Lingerie (click here for the direct link to their website). You won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose.

Melissa Cherniss