My Fave Sports Bra Ever by Monday Active

Monday Active Tash Sports Bra.JPG

Beware, this post is pretty fucking sappy.

Seeing, we're always honest here.

A part of me is really upset that it took me so long to get this product up on the blog. Becuase Monday Active was only a capsule collection that is no longer available for purchase. Excuse me, while I go boo-hoo in the corner. Like, their Instagram account and website is entirely down. Gone. Poof. It's so sad because this was genuinely one of the best sports bras ever. So, I am kicking myself in the ass on this one. A, apparently I was utterly oblivious all throughout the purchasing process. B, there is no way to get a second bra. I've already DM'd their swim account to see. Guys, it was that good.

So maybe this post is more of a cry, possibly beg, to bring the collection back.

Tash & Dev, if you're reading this. Hint, hint.

After all, they've been blogging about bikinis for years now. It would only insinuate these girls know a thing or two about boobs. And what girls are looking for when it comes to wearing a supportive top. They nailed it. No nip slips. No adjusting the tata's back into place. No discomfort. Like I said, the best sports bra ever.

Oh, and just a reminder. The main reason for a sports bra is to eliminate and reduce breast bounce when working out, to avoid any possibility of ligament damage.

You're probably wondering if this product is unavailable why the review?

Well, don't you think it might be important to compare notes and see what makes a sports bra great?

As always, I went with a size medium, which is perfecta perfect fir from anyone from a 34C-32E. I only say this, because, over the past six months, my measurements have fluctuated within that range. But it's best to double check and confirm with the brand's measurement chart. Every brand has their own set of fit standards. And, I prefer a tighter fitting sports bra, if that helps.

Monday Active Sports Bra in Black.JPG

But we are here for the product.

The band is the number one difference, between this sports bra and most other styles. As you can see, it's a hell of a lot wider compared to most other styles. Well, the band of any given bra provides the majority of the support. It's safe to say, the wider the band, the more support provided; which can ultimately help alleviate the pressure from your back. This is essential for your workout so your back muscles can focus on the burn rather than hold your boobies in place.

If you're the type to ditch the tee's and tanks, the length of this bra will pass for a crop.

Also, the racer back and thicker straps also indicate it's perfect for a high-intensity workout. Bring on the burpees, sprints, and jump squats. Literally, you don't have to adjust yourself in the process. Did I mention this was the best sports bra?

As someone who LOVES a good HIIT (high-intensity) workout, it makes me so sad to know that this sports bra is not available to the public.

Let's not forget the quality. A lot of times after washing your sports bra 2398475 times, the quality dwindles. You'll notice the fabric has stretched and the support is not just as it was. Friendly reminder part two: DO NOT PUT YOUR SPORTS BRA IN THE DRYER, it's lingerie suicide. Anyway. The hook and eye features allow you to compensate for your average wear and tear. You start on the last hook (the one all the way to the right), and over time, as the fabric stretches you'll 'hook' to the left. It's a lot easier than it looks.

Tash Sports Bra by Monday Active in Black.JPG

Many designers will use this feature on their bras meant for high-intensity workouts. The problem faced (at least for my personal preference) are the molded cups. For I am not the biggest fan. Because they are generic, you'll find you don't actually fill the entire cup, or it's way too tight. But with your cut and few (in other words, fabric-based) sports bras, your boobs have a lot more wiggle room.

It's been my main mission in life to find the PERFECT high-intensity sports bra. And of course, the moment I find it, the bra is no longer available. Seriously, just my luck. I'll probably be pestering them for days on end to bring back their capsule collection.