My Fave Embroidered Robe from Rya Collection

Rya Collection Woodstock Robe.JPG

Wearing: Rya Collection Woodstock Robe (M/L)


Lingerie of the Week, just in case you're wondering if there is a meaning to these random letters. Or seeing these posts generally go live every Monday, we could call them Melissa's Pick Monday. Actually, no. That sounds terrible, even if I do like a good play on letters.

For the most part, I like a good schedule. You know what to expect when, and there are no surprises. Simple and straight to the point.

This week, I want to feature a product that I discovered about a year ago to date. A piece that has quickly evolved into my all-time prized possession. Dramatic for sure, but let me fill you in on the whole saga to this robe.

This time last year, I had finished my second road trip across the United States. I started in Los Angeles and drove all the way to Long Island, stopping at different lingerie boutiques along the way. It was great, an excellent way to spark my journey as a lingerie blogger. My adventure did not end in New York. Obviously, I needed to go and check out the lingerie scene in the world's fashion capital. First stop, Sugar Cookies Lingerie Boutique located in Chelsea. It was love at first sight.

The store is absolutely stunning. I even noticed they carried brands and styles that I had never seen before. But there was one piece that really grabbed my attention, this robe. No self-control, I went into the changing room to try it on. From the moment I put it on, I felt like a princess with an edgy twist. It was as if Flora (the head designer and founder of the brand) designed it just for me. Just like that, I was hooked.

For some reason or another, I decided to come back for the robe. I was on my way to meet friends for lunch and didn't want to lose or forget my new purchase somewhere. Seeing just days prior, I lost my apartment keys after leaving them on a table at Dave and Busters. So, I went against the risk. Suzanne warned me they would most likely sell out. Sure enough, a few days later they were all gone.

Woodstock Embroidered Robe from Rya Collection.JPG

Sadly, I never asked for more information on the robe. Who was the designer? Could I order another? I took my no, and went off to London. But this purchase forever haunted me, to the point I wouldn't buy a robe hoping this would magically reappear.

Months later and no leads, I decided to give up on my hopes. I eventually caved in and treated myself to a few silk robes. And not even a week later, I was connected to a new brand, Rya Collection, on Instagram (thank you, Fernanda). Their styles were beautiful and felt the urge to go deep into their history. Eight months deep into my search, there it was, the Woodstock Robe.

Lucky for me, they had a few left in stock. I made no hesitations this time and went ahead with the purchase. Now, it's one more beautiful addition to my lingerie collection.

Moral of the story: take down the information. Do not hesitate to ask the name of the brand or style number. I promise it will come in handy with your future investigation.

At this point, I probably sound like a broken record spitting out the same thing over and over again. What can I say? I am all about those pieces that can work for multiple occasions. You've got to make sure it's worth the investment, right? This robe is no different. I intended to wear this piece to Coachella. It would have been the perfect festival aesthetics. It's the ideal length. I am 5'8, 5'9 on a good day and the hem came down to the middle of my calf. Long enough to make a statement, but short enough that it wasn't dragging along the fields. But of course, I left this piece behind in LA while reorganizing to fit all the camping gear. Just my luck, honestly. But I've had plenty more occasions to show it off. Like the Rya Collection pop-up hosted at Sugar Cookies Lingerie Boutique, go figure. I styled it with black skinny jeans, a black cami, and black leather booties. The all-black look made the details along floral embroidery stand out beautifully.

Emroidered Woodstock Robe From Rya Collection.JPG

Besides being the perfect outfit accessory, it's also the ideal for bedtime. Showing off your inner goddess, why not? For me, wearing this robe makes me feel like a princess with an edge. That sounds so freaking cliche. But I am not the girly-girl type. I much prefer dark colors and leather compared to paisley and lavender. Meaning, it can be challenging to find pieces that fit my personality.

But enough about me and my attachment to the robe. I did mention it was my prized possession. But the emotional aspect is why we buy any piece of clothing, right?

As suggested on the care label, this piece you'll have to handwash. It's super easy, though, I washed mine right in my bathtub. Figured the sink would be slightly too small. I ran the water, warmer than cold, but not too warm (it's a personal preference). Generally, professionals recommend cold water when hand washing intimates. But for some reason, I can't get with it. After it was all washed, I let it out to dry on a hanger and the next day it was ready to go.


Now, as much as I want to recommend this product to everyone. Becuase it truly is a fucking fabulous piece. Writing out this review made me realize there is a more important factor when shopping for lingerie. Never settle for a product that makes you feel any less than the best version of yourself. Fuck what anyone else has to say. Because when you believe it, no one else's opinion will ever matter.