LOTW: The Stunning Anais Low Balconette and Thong

Light Pink Lace Lingerie Set from Journelle.JPG

Wearing: Anais Low Balconette and Thong (size 34C/medium)

Truth time.  

I have been SO reluctant to post these photos up on the blog.  Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful photos (thank you, Jasmine).  As I browsed through each image, my self-confidence shattered becoming unwilling to accept my new body.  So, I did what anyone would do.  Hide them in a file deep into my hard drive hoping they never resurface.  Over time, these feelings faded and I look at these photos from a different perspective.  One that includes envy, wishing I had that bod back now that I've gained even more weight since that shoot.  Another that includes empathy, as I see a gal who was dealing with heartbreak from romantic and platonic relationships, running a business that was starting to take off, all while managing a strange living situation.  All while reminding exactly why I purchased this set in the first place.  Because it made me feel beautiful.  

Point blank, lately I have been struggling with accepting my weight gain and forming a positive body image.  It's hard because I try so hard to encourage women to feel beautiful in their lingerie.  But how can you advise something you don't follow?  It's like trying to drink water from an empty glass.  So here I am, coming clean with my current struggles and reaccepting my body for what it is.  Unfortunately, I know many women struggle with this ALL of the time.  I mean, we're expected to adhere to outlandish beauty standards:

-Skinny body, with curves in all the right places, we're talking big butt/boobies.

-Lucious perfect hair, don't forget to make it look natural.  And it needs to be perfect in under 10 minutes. 

-Manicured Nails, but fear of going extravagant with acrylics to not be viewed as "high-maintenance." 


-Made up face, let's make sure it's not to the point where it's "caked on."

-Low cut dresses, but nothing too revealing in fear of being called a "slut."

-Heels, but make sure you don't walk like Bambi. 

-No cellulite, because god forbid you live a little and eat an extra slice of pizza.

While maintaining:

-The perfect job, girls gotta pay off a student loan.

-Friendships, because this is how a person stays sane.

-Family, no better support system.

-House, make sure there is no mess. 

-Car, let's make sure it's a fancy brand.

-Vacations, only at the best resorts wearing the latest bikini.

Petal Pink Anais Balconette Bra and Thong from Journelle.JPG

Let's not forget we have to do this all on a dimes budget, 


As I write this post, I think back to the last few times I felt beautiful.  One of these precious moments happened in a changing room located at the Journelle Flagship Store.  Weird, right?  But then again, I am a lover of lingerie.  Pretty sure I spent half the day there trying on the entire store.  It was nuts; my dressing room overflowed with beautiful styles.  But the Anais set from Journelle's Private Collection, made me feel like a million dollar gem.  (By the way,  your lingerie doesn't make you feel this way, throw it out and try again).  The Anais set, right from Journelle's private collection.  Now, I can't pinpoint the exact details and why it made me feel like a gem.  But sometimes, you just can't explain a feeling.  

To be honest, I wasn't even in the market for a new bra or lingerie set.  I was just out doing market research, finding styles to recommend for Valentine's Day.  Plus, I wanted to check out their Flagship location for the first time.  I intended to peek around, snap a few shots, and be on my merry little way.  But the next thing you know, I was in a changing room with about half the store trying on ALL of the bras.  2849213 styles later, I was able to narrow it down to three.  Surprisingly enough they were all from Journelle and just so happened to be a balconette style.  


Allegra (I did go back a few weeks later to purchase this as my NYE set).  


You like what you like, right?

Side note:  After many hours of trying on lingerie, I've learned that the balconette is my favorite style for my boobs.  I find it just enhances my natural shape.  And I am all about the naturalness to just about anything.  The triangle bra comes in a close second.  I think it's important to spend a few hours trying on different styles and observing how they contour to your body.  Bra shopping will become easier after that.

Journelle Light Pink Lace Lingerie Set from Journelle.JPG

Even more shocking, I turned down the only option in black because due to my obsession with this petal pink.  Right down to the design of the lace.  It just seemed so high-end and elegant for a piece that was (barely) under $100.  Should I address the cleavage?  Because, wow.  But it's not overly done like a push-up bra.  

So, I have this weird thing about my bras covering my nipples.  Like I will work myself into a massive frenzy if there is no coverage.  Perhaps it's a feeling of support?  But I also think it's one more subconscious worry I have to add to my already filled plate.  Not only does this cup provide that nipple coverage, but also has a stunning scalloped edge.  Another reason that I am so attracted to a balconette bra is the "cut-and-sew" cup.  Giving your boobs a more natural look, compared to a mold that forces your boob into a shape.  With the "cut-and-sew" feature, there is typically a seam that runs along the middle of your boob.  If the seam is poorly sewn, it can appear as if your nip is poking out.  (Okay, clearly I have issues with my fucking nipples.)  Because these seams are placed slightly towards the middle of the body (compared to the center of the boob), there is no issue with the seam showing through your top.  

Have to admit, the panties are just as stunning as the bra.  It's a standard thong continuing the same scalloped edge along the waist.  However, the lace is slightly stiff and if you have curves I would recommend going up a size.  I do not recommend wearing this piece with spandex like pants, for the design of the lace will show.  

As for the care of this set, I recommend HAND WASH and HANG DRY ONLY.  Please, please, please, never put your lingerie in the dryer.  Which is basically lingerie suicide.  

But seriously, if you're looking for a beautiful and elegant set, Anais is your girl.  The perfect little secrete under your clothes.