Lingerie of the Week: London X Back Bra

Giapenta's X Back Bra in Black.JPG

Wearing: London X Back Bra by Giapenta (34D)

Summers on Long Island; so beautiful, so serene, and ALWAYS served with a side of raging humidity that nobody ordered. Somehow, every year I seem to forget this little detail. Although, my hair would be to differ, seeing the curls are becoming harder and harder to tame by the day. I guess that's the price you pay when you're literally surrounded by various beaches within a 10-mile radius. Okay, that sounded super douchey. But I am trying to paint a picture here, so bear with me. Obviously, everything was amplified during the heatwave we experienced last week. My curls turned into pure frizz, while beads of sweat streamed directly into puddles. And of course, I'm that asshole who NEVER checks the news or weather app, despite all these technology devices lying around the house. Like, ever. So this thing hit me like a surprise party gone wrong. Now that I think about it, maybe I just like the gamble of it all? One might never know. Hopefully, I've learned my lesson.

Evidently, it's been a while since I've experienced one of these East Coast heatwaves. Coming from LA let me tell you, there is a REAL difference between "humid" heat and "dry" heat. The kind where it becomes hard to breathe. Your sweat will profusely sweat down your body with nowhere to go because there's already moisture in the air. Then there is the struggle of trying to put on clothes when all of this is going on. Spending hours in front of the closet deciding which dress is short enough for the heat, yet appropriate enough for the office. Oh, and what panties will provide enough coverage to avoid any possibility of chaffing. Let's not forget about the bra you need to wear when throwing this outfit together.

And when I say, the struggle is real…it's never been more real.

Of course, during all this heatwave madness I decide it would be a GREAT idea to take my friend Jenny, creator of The Fitness Mannequin (a website dedicated to reviewing women's fitness clothing and providing quick tips on how to make healthier food choices), into New York City. Not the smartest of ideas, I have to admit. Typically, people run to the beach in these situations. Not towards the city where there is no breeze and access to rooftop pools. We braved the weather anyway, although we probably finished our site seeing with heat exhaustion and dehydration. But I did learn a helpful tip for those hot and sticky days.

Front Closure Bras.

Think about it for a minute. In times like these, we would much rather say FUCK IT by grabbing our bikinis, float around in a pool sipping in piña coladas all day long. We could even go as far as saying with no one to bother us. The life, right? But sometimes we just gotta put on our big girl pants and make shit happen. Why not make things easier for yourself? A bra that you put on and literally hook right between your boobs. Rather than reaching around your sweaty back with your hands sliding all around with no grip whatsoever. Or avoiding that awful sensation of peeling anything of your skin after sweating profusely. It hurts.

The reality is

Some of us don't have the luxury of an AC

Some of us can't just go braless

Some of us are in the market of a new bra

Logic confirms a front closure bra will help you on those sweaty summer days.

X Back Bra in Black.JPG

Specifically, the London X Back Bra from Giapenta, who was so kind enough to send me this bra along with a few other goodies. Ladies, I am here to say this piece is a game changer. And has wormed its way into my 'everyday bra' rotation which is funny because I tend to dislike t-shirt bras.

So what makes this style different? I mean, besides the game-changing front closure feature.

For one, the X Back feature. At first, I totally thought this was a part of the design to give the bra some edge. Something that would look cute with a cami or even sheer top. Although that works, the main reasoning behind the X is to prevent the straps from falling down. Seriously, MIND BLOWN LADIES. Come to think of it, this is my fourth time wearing this bra and not once did I have to adjust my strap. I should also mention, these straps are slightly thicker than your average bra, but feels more secure (although that's probably the X Back talking).

Secondly, my boobs do not fall out when I bend over. This is one of the main reasons as to why I typically avoid t-shirt bras. I lean over, and my boobs will come out to play and end up in shapes one Flubber could replicate. For me, that was an easy win to feel comfortable to not only wear this bra all day but into the night lined with TempPro® fabric that literally makes you forget you're wearing anything at all. It also stops any back fat from spilling over (aka my fave).

You have the choice of getting this style in Beige (or what they consider "nude") and Black. Trust me, you might as well order one of each. Here me out, when you fall in love with a bra. You're gonna want to wear it every day. Even if it's knee deep in the dirty laundry pile. It's the style you like, makes your boobs look fabulous and most importantly comfortable. Rather than trying out a different piece buy multiple of the one you LOVE. You won't regret this decision, because it will avoid that shitty feeling of having to wear that one bra that makes your boobs look weird. Ultimately, lingerie is the foundation of our outfits. So wear something that makes you feel your absolute best.


I really like where the underwire hits too. Let me try and explain this correctly, so it's placed almost directly under where my armpit begins. Basically, parallel. The best way to describe, it's a softer feel when my arms are at rest or typing away on my laptop.

Ladies, I can't say enough good things about this bra. In fact, I'm working on a post that involves my favorite bras at the moment, and this is one of them. OBSESSED.

Oh. And I know I have this thing about shopping online, calling myself out with the contradictions going on here. However, the girls at Giapenta where SO helpful in getting me into the right size (which for me ran true to size). Plus, you have 30 days to return the bra (no returns for panties or bodysuits) once it's been delivered. Definitely worth the try!