Lingerie MUST HAVES for your Coachella look

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It's that time of year people. Coachella is just around the corner. It's a bittersweet blog post for me seeing I won't be making the Coachella trek this year. There is definitely a part of me that is having a bit of FOMO. The whole putting together the cute outfits thing. Although, by day three last year I thought it was acceptable to go with a Pebble Flinstone vibe. Bun and all. A part of my soul dies every time I look at the photos (don't worry, I included one below). But seriously guys, it was NOT CUTE whatsoever. I blame camping for all those days straight in 100+ degree heat. Yeah, that's my story, and I am sticking to it. For real, my friends get a negative 283475 rating for letting me leave camp dressed like that. Who am I kidding? I was comfortable AF. But let's not tell anyone that.

Well, that was an awkward trip down memory lane. And even though I might have a touch of the Coachella Blues. I figure that I would share with you a few pieces that tickle my festival fancy.

Let's start from the left and work our way right.

1. Eyelash Lace Kimono from Missguided

Okay, so the truth is...they're sold out of this exact style on their website. Sue me for posting it here on the blog. I had been eyeing this lovely number for ages and FINALLY pressed purchase right around my birthday (aka mid-January). But I really thought it would be the cutest option for Coachella and has remained my inspiration. But what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have a backup? Now, I am sure you've heard of the website Yandy...right? Well- they have a ton of options that are similar to the Missguided robe (with better size options too). Deff worth taking a look.

Before I forget. Obviously, in the picture, the model is wearing matching lace pants. I'd probably go with a plain black bodysuit instead. Probably would go with the Delicious Legs for Days Bodysuit by Only Hearts (ya know, for a little booty action).

2. East N West Label - Outfit

Bralette: Honey Top

Bottom: Sugar Bottom

Duster: Kimono Duster

(It's the first look on their festival page)

Literally, everything in this picture would be one of my looks for the festival. It's everything. And that buckle on the Sugar Bottoms? So into it. I've been following this brand for a few years now and love their aesthetic. Honestly, all of their festival pieces are so thought out with the little details. Maybe black isn't really you're colour. Or you're looking for something more festive- don't worry they have plenty of options.

3. Cut Out Bralette by Elissa Poppy

I feel like this style just speaks for itself. There's a little bit of boob action going on. But definitely enough coverage that is comfortable to move and dance without having to adjust yourself every five seconds. I will say, this style is made of latex. So it might be a bold move if you're the gal who likes to arrive at the festival as soon as it opens. Or you prefer the dirty techno beats and coolness of the Yuma Tent (aka my home base).

4. Wild Woman Swim Bandeau by Alice Kass

So, before I dive into the fact that I chose a swim top and not lingerie. I'm just going to say this: if you're not following Alice Kass on Instagram get out your phone and do so. It is one of the most female-empowering accounts I've come across in a while. And just really LOVE everything they talk about (so worth the follow). Anyways, swim. Yep. I love to invest in pieces that have multiple purposes. A piece you can wear to the market, to a festival, in the pool, and a girls night out? Fucking sold. I also find that swimwear bandeaus are a more flattering fit.

5. Thank U, Next by Elle. A

This website, in general, has a lot of fun trendy but also slightly edgy pieces for the festival. In fact, I went and treated myself to the THANK U NEXT crochet skirt (because summer is right around the corner and I think Ibiza might be calling my name). Have to admit, I am so into this trend right now. What a fun way to show off your lingerie? So, the website is styling this look with a bikini set they're selling. But if you're looking for a non-swimwear option. My suggestion is to go with the latest pieces from the Maripeir x Blush collab.


Must Bandeau (which also has removable straps)

Must Hig-Leg Bikini

So there you have it, Lacers, my lingerie picks for Coachella 2019

Melissa Cherniss