Lingerie Boutique: Femme Dangerous

Lingerie Boutique on Long Island La Femme Danergeous.png

There were many advantages to growing up on the east end Long Island (NY).  A bubble that most would question leaving.  Except maybe for the competitive and expensive housing market paired with high tax rates.  But really, who's asking?  It's one of the few places one can experience each season in full effect.  Winters that stay too long and typically filled with snow.  Followed by suspenseful springs that transition into beautiful summer days.  Where finding a beach in any direction takes no more than twenty minutes.  To only fade into fall where basic bitches gather to collect pumpkins, apples, and wine.  Sue me, guilty as charged.  Oh, and I should probably mention the most important item of all, bagels.   All of this located within a two-hour proximity to New York City.  Writing this out is making me question why I ever left in the first place.  What more could a person want?

Despite all the beautiful features of the island, finding lingerie was always a big ordeal.  As I recall, there were no specialty boutiques located nearby.  And my mother explained to me the concept of a fitting.  We had to drive at least forty-five minutes to the nearest mall, housing both department stores and Victoria's Secret.  Not making it easy when you need a bra for a job interview.  In fear of being deemed uncool for shopping at department stores, I settled for Vicky's (and we all know how I feel about the brand).  So, at the prime age of 20, I received a bra fitting for the very first time.  No more need to copy off of my BFF and assume we're the same size (true story).  

So, finding a lingerie boutique located in the heart of Nassau County truly touched my heart.  It brings ease knowing that all the wonderful women of Long Island have a proper place buy their panties.  To all my east enders, this is worth the drive out west.  You can find Femme Dangereuse tucked in the corner of the Woodbury Village Shopping Center.  A cute boutique that ties in old Gatsby vibes into a modern-day perspective.  It's no surprise the store has such a strong influence of art.  Seeing Nikky, the owner, studied fashion design from Pratt Institute: School of Design.  I find that having a background in design gives store owners an advantage.  They understand what pieces are quality and will always choose the best of the best

Femme Dangereuse provides just about anything you could need relating to lingerie.  Everything ranging from your everyday bras, some sleepwear, and even those sexy boudoir accessories (just in case you're looking to spice things up).  No matter the need, the team strives to help their customers find the right product and the right size.  I would also like to remind you that it's something like 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  Yes, that probably means you, especially, if you haven't had one in the last 6-12 months.  There's no shame; our boobs literally fluctuate all of the damn time.  If you really think about it.  Underwear is the foundation to any outfit.  From an engineering perspective, you wouldn't buy a house with a shitty foundation.  So let's make sure we have proper fitting undies.

I'm just so impressed by the entire boutique.  It's the perfect place for women to begin or even revamp their journey with lingerie.

Each product is easy to shop (and love) from the eloquent display of the merchandise.  As well as the staff for creating a safe and friendly shopping experience for everyone who walks through the door.  The fun doesn't stop with their walk-in customers and clients.  They'd be happy to host your upcoming celebration; birthday, bachelorette, divorce?  Whatever the event might be, they've got you covered.  

Melissa Cherniss