Let's Discuss: Boob Sag

The Lace Appeal talks Boob Sag.JPG

Guys, I'm literally writing this post to you with one eye open as I race to my last class of the day, which also just so happens to be on the other side of the city. It's been a long day, on Tuesday's usually are. But this one is a particularly rough as I arrived in London at 6am after a red-eye from New York. Currently sitting on the subway telling myself three more hours, three more hours, just three more hours. I'm very much running on coffee and distractions on social media. Specifically the Facebook girl groups. So much entertainment and information can be exchanged...if you're in the right group.






All the things a girl might need advice on. Today, the topic off boobs came up. My favourite, as you already know. Specifically looking for a bra to sleep in due to the 'old wives tale' that sleeping with a bra will help prevent your boobs from sagging. A simple question was quickly diverted as people raided their opinions and misinformation that all bras are the devil and actually do not actually help, but hurt you instead.

So, I thought it was worth a blog post, a discussion rather: do bras prevent a boob from sagging? & what are some things we can do to slow down this process?

I think this is a valid question. We worry about wrinkles, so we invest in Botox + a collagen filled night cream. We worry about the eyebrows, so we get them filled in. But what about saggy boobs? Do we care? Do we not care?

The only real takeaway from this Facebook thread: most women hate bras. Like, can't wait to get home and take off the titty contraption. Honestly, can't relate. Not to be an asshole or anything- but I have a theory that if you fit into this category, you're probably wearing the wrong size bra. Don't fret. About 80% of women will go throughout their day not wearing the right size. I promise bras aren't that terrible. All you need is a good bra fitting.

But the hatred of bras led to the exchange of inaccurate information relating to the anatomy of our bodies. It actually made me concerned for the modern gal. What have we been taught? Is it because society has oversexualized out breasts, it's taboo to discuss? So, in the end, we're left with outdated, inaccurate information.


Many girls recirculated an article that became super popular via Facebook way back when. Reading it made me cringe. It claimed some scientist in some foreign land conducted a study to see if bras really did prevent sagging. Apparently, (only) 300 women participated and their bra sized were not disclosed. In conclusion, Dr. Someonewhohatesbras, found that by not wearing a bra, your posture and pec muscles strengthen. Automatically leading to perkier fuller breasts. Although, the pectoral muscles have pretty much nothing to do with breast elasticity. Your Cooper's ligaments, however, are the super delicate ligaments that hold the shape of your boob. They are super delicate. Once they are damaged there is no way they can be fixed.

Basically, moral of the thread, we are now relying on a fabricated storyline to make decisions on our breast cosmetics and health.

Because I have a hard time understanding how wearing a bra would be harmful. Obviously, you need to wear one when you workout. But what about dropping something on the floor? Or having to chase after the Amazon delivery guy down the stairs to see if he had the package with your new ice roller inside?

With all my rand and ramble, are we still team no bras? Is this just a study that was created, so women had an excuse not to wear bras? Honestly- if you wanna free the nip do it. I support you. Your body, your choice.

Now I am here not sure what else to say. Other than, there will be a post coming soon on boob anatomy. Maybe, just maybe, that will bring light onto the topic. Also, free your girls when your sleeping, your skin needs a breather too. "Logic," leads me to believe bras do help with sagging prevention. And lastly, I really want to talk this topic out. Because, like I'm CONFUSED AND WANT ANSWERS.