Impression d'Ete

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Wearing: Impression d'Ete Tulip Bra (34B) / Impression d'Ete Boy Short (large)

Last week I brought to Instagram a few of my favorite hacks when it comes to shopping for lingerie. If I remember correctly (actually, let me go check real quick, so I don't fuck it up):

Tip one: try out all of the colors.

Tip two: try on every style.

Aka: be open to anything and everything that is out there. Because how else will you know whether you do or don't like something?

Here I am, telling my story about the set that was sent to me by the lovely owner of Duchess of Dupont. The latest online boutique to enter the intimate world of Washington, D.C. It's honestly the cutest website, which focuses on independent brands and super feminine designs. Basically, everything outside of my comfort zone. Having a baby face, I struggle with finding the right print that doesn't make me look like a twelve-year-old school girl. Which is not my cup of tea. So for the girl who loves balconettes, bralettes, thongs and the color black. You could only imagine my face after seeing print, a full coverage bra, and boy shorts. But seeing I've gotta practice what I preach, I needed to try out the new color (or print in this case) and style.

Guess what Lacers, I actually adore this set. And I am not saying this because I want to give a good review. Like, I'm actually wearing the bra right now and slept in the panties last night (they're so fucking cute). Not going to lie, the full print together isn't exactly "me." So, I split up the two and added a little bit of black to make it work with my personal style. But if you're into fun, feminine, flirty prints, this is the set for you. And I suggest getting it now while it's in stock.

Bra: Impression d'Ete Tulip

I was sent a 34D, which fits more along the European fit standards. Meaning it runs a touch smaller compared to American brands. Right now, the band fits perfectly around my body to the point I can actually feel the support being held in my waist. Funny enough, I am actually wearing the bra right now. I just really like the shape it gives me under a sweater. And yes, it's already sweater weather here in London (queue dramatic tears). Even hidden under the bulky fabric, you can tell my boobs are nicely supported and naturally shaped. A huge win in my book. The band is made up of an outer layer of lace for looks and lined with a durable mesh for reinforcement.

This bra is designed with a unique cut-and-sew feature. You have the white lace representing the top part of the cup. Holding in your boob preventing any spillage. The bottom half has a rather unique design acting as a sling. Pushing any tissue towards the center of the body creating a naturally fuller look. Hence why I am currently wearing this bra under my bulky sweater.

Let's talk straps, most people think a majority of the support falls in the straps. Believe it or not, it should be in the band. If you're currently wearing a bra where you feel most of the weight on your shoulders. It's time for a fitting and a new bra. Seriously though, this can cause health issues like migraines and unnecessary shoulder/neck pain. These straps are a little different than most bras. The front half is designed with the same fabric used throughout the bra, which is then attached to an elastic in the back. Definitely make sure you're wearing the right size in this bra. Otherwise, the straps will indeed dig into your shoulders and mostly hurt you.

Personally, I can't tell there is an underwire in this bra. But I am also not sensitive to the support whereas some women are. It runs right under the outside of my boobs, also aiding in the natural shape. After observing the construction to the bra, it looks like that underwire is in tight with no way of coming out. Unless you run it through the dryer, then all bets are off.

Panties: Impression d'Ete Boy Short

Let's talk panties because I keep wearing them to bed as it gets super hot in my new apartment. Even better, they don't give me wedgies. For girls with a curvy booty, I am OBSESSED with these boy shorts. They contour my butt perfectly, so the lace actually lays on my cheeks. Rather than my ass eating the whole thing like a snack. It's also the perfect panty to wear under a dress or skirt when you're looking for something with little extra coverage. You know, just in case you have a Marilyn Monroe moment. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part, the sizing. Now being a size eight, I felt the size large fits me like a glove. Keep in mind for brands that fit to European standards, things will run a little smaller compared to what we're used to in America.

But honestly, I love this set. Really happy I forced myself outside of my comfort zone. Again, you never know what's going to work until you try it.

Melissa Cherniss