How to Organize Your Lingerie

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How do you keep your lingerie organized?

Literally, this has become the hottest question out of thin air. Not only have I seen it floating around Facebook, but quite a few of you have sent me DM's asking the very same question. I swear, there is something about warm weather that will kick a girl right into a "let's get organized" mode. Cleaning out your panty drawer is always a good use of time, in my humble opinion. So I figured, why not turn this question into a full-fledged blog post? Giving you ladies all of my secrets on how to keep and maintain order in your lingerie collection.

To be completely honest, I am a little batshit when it comes to keeping anything tidy. It started at a young age, too. I would rearrange my room and organize my toys practically every other day. My habits were so aggressive and frequent; my mom refused to take out the carpeting afraid I would scratch the hardwood flooring (true story). The older I got, the more I became bored with my room. It was like I needed to branch out into a more significant project. For some reason, my mom thought it would be a good idea to leave me home during the summer breaks. Anytime I was left home alone I took it upon myself to make a change or two. She would come back late from work to a fridge half emptied, living room immaculate and everything reorganized as to how I saw fit. Talk about an asshole child. Kind of surprised my mom did not try and return me or trade me in. Because that right there, sounds like my worse nightmare.

So back to organizing your lingerie, where does one even begin?

1. Sort

Start by taking your entire collection out of your current storage situation and put it all in one pile. And I mean EVERYTHING. Take a moment to visualize your dream closet scenario and where your lingerie fits into this. Maybe we can't make the full magic happen, but we can break it down a little bit. Do you imagine everything sorted based on color? Is it by style? Is it by brand? Please know there is no right or wrong answer here, just whatever will make your life easier. Personally, I group by style just because that is how I decide what bra I wear every morning. Anything to make life simpler when getting ready.

Once you have an idea, begin organizing all of your products accordingly. Don't forget to assess each piece to see if it's worth holding onto or what to toss out. Be honest with yourself, why are you still hanging onto that bra you've only worn two times because you feel guilty throwing it away? Call your local women's shelter and donate it. Or those Gilly Hick panties you've had since high school where the elastic is shedding into threads with 98274 stains? Throw it away. And please do not justify keeping these as period panties. Trust me, when it comes to that time of the month you need a little extra self-care. Go to H&M or Target and treat yourself to a pack of decent looking panties.

Side note: I recommend sorting through your bras and panties once - twice a year.

2. Assess

At this point, you should have a bunch of piles provided by your choice of sorting method. Now, we have to figure out how you're going to store them. I recommend purchasing a storage bin similar to mine as you can see in the pictures. They're easy to place right into your closet taking up minimal space (which let's be honest ladies, is critical). These units came from HomeGoods (aka the best store ever) and reasonably priced for $24.99 each. If you have a store near you, it's worth checking to see if they have any left. Or you can go onto Wayfair and build your own stack for $7.74 per drawer. Make sure you're getting the right size, too. My bins measure at a 14-inch width (which is perfect for laying your bras down flat) and 12-inches tall. Roughly, I can fit 20 bras in one drawer. Depending on your cup size and how many bras you have, the heights may differ. Obviously, my collection is aggressive seeing I need a total of ten bins and counting. But maybe you only need three and at a smaller height?

3. Systemize

The last step, putting everything away. It's best to create a system that will work best for you. Something simple that you can maintain day-to-day, in real life. Like, is it easy enough to remember after 85 loads of laundry? Or when you're running late and rushing to get ready in the morning? It's like that saying, keep it simple stupid? Something along those lines. Below, I have listed how I've organized both units and what works for me.

Unit 1:

Bin 1: Bralettes

Bin 2: Bras (that are apart of a set)

Bin 3: Bras

Bin 4: Panties (that are apart of a set)

Bin 5: Panties

Unit 2:

Bin 1: Dark Colored Sports Bras

Bin 2: Light Colored Sports Bras

Bin 3: Bikini Tops

Bin 4: Bikini Bottoms / One Piece

Bin 5: Adhesives and accessories

Seeing these bins are stored directly in my closet, I decided to hang all bodysuits, teddies, nightgowns, robes, etc. One, I'm a little too lazy to worry about wrinkles. Trying to avoid them on my face is worrisome enough. Two, I feel that I am more likely to incorporate those pieces into my everyday looks when they're directly in my face.

There you have it, my mini guide to organizing lingerie.