How to Find the Perfect Fitting Bra

Hurray Kimmay at Mode City Paros 2019.jpeg

It's been a hot moment since I last wrote a blog post. & let's face it the last few have been more personal rather than actual tips relating to lingerie. Sure that's hella helpful when you're trying to figure out if your bra is up for retirement or still has a few more wears in her.

Luckily, I have a few tips to share with ya.

So, if you follow me at all on social media (specifically Instagram) you might have seen I just got back from attending the Mode City trade show in Paris. I won't dive into the details just yet, as I'm saving those for another blog post, but let me just tell you IT WAS WONDERFUL in every way possible. As always, I learned a lot. Mostly from the Bra Fitting Workshop which was hosted by the one and only Kimmay Caldwell (or as you may know on Instagram as @HurrayKimmay. & if you're not already following her I suggest you get to it).

Kimmay has been in the industry for over a decade and is recognized as a MASTER BRA FITTER. She's made it her personal mission in making waves to educate the 80% of women who are currently wearing the wrong bra size. (FYI- fitting bras is more of an art than anything else. Not only do you have to take a persons breast shape into account. But also consider density, life journey, and obviously taste of the person standing in the changing room. It's not a task you can perfect overnight.) Her experience includes all variations between fitting at a local lingerie boutique in NYC to working with La Perla at Bergdorf Goodmans. & let's not forget the fact she has been featured all over the TV- like the Rachel Ray Show and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style (HOW FUCKING COOL) to educate their viewers on undergarments. I'm telling you- she knows her shit!

I'll never forget the first time I saw Kimmay host a panel on Bra Fitting. It was back in January, I sat front row with my handy dandy notebook trying to soak in all the information. Seeing that I find the fit to be the most ESSENTIAL aspect of finding fabulous lingerie (and also living a happy life too). She started off with this analogy, one that I will never forget “I like my bras exactly how I like my men: cute AND supportive.” 🤣🤣

I mean, have spoken words ever been truer?

At the Mode City Boob Hut Workshop, we dove real deep into that quote. Kimmay gave us all of the tips & tricks on how to find the right bra is both cute and supportive.

I die for these workshops. Because I have absolutely no training what so ever in bra fitting. Not even from school have the offered us a mini crash course in how to accurately fit a boob (but that's a whole story for another day). All I know is that I'm just way too familiar with the signs that will tell ya your bra no longer fits:

The band too light (or the middle gore or centre bridge doesn't rest nicely between your boobs)

Straps are riding up my back and falling off my shoulders (sign the band is too loose)

& to make up for the straps falling off. I tighten them so much all of the boob weight is then brought onto the shoulders, causing really uncomfortable pain and tension.

In reality, the band should be comfortably snug as it holds 90% of the weight (the remainder 10% comes from the cups/straps). You'll notice the middle gore/centre bridge (whatever name floats your boat) will lay flat on your body right in between your boobs.

So, how do you fix those issues? GO GET A FITTING FROM YOUR LOCAL LINGERIE BOUTIQUE. Look, I've got a whole list of them right here on the blog.

These are words of wisdom by the Bra Fitting Queen herself, Kimmay. Not just me trying to shove those words down your throat. Again, there is so much that goes into finding the right bra.

I can get boob nerdy right real quick and say there's a little math equation involved that will find your STARTING bra size. & because there isn't an industry sizing standard, it may vary from brand to brand, fabric to fabric. It's best to hand this process over to the professionals- because it can be not only intimidating by CONFUSING AF. I'd much rather wait in the changing room in a silk robe (maybe with a sip of champagne too?!)