High Waisted Thongs You Need to Try (like, now)

High Waisted Thongs.JPG

Let me start off by saying; it feels SO good to be back into my writing routine.

I want to come out and address an issue, publically. Maybe it will help me break out of this shitty habit that I've come to develop over the past year. One, that apparently, leads me to neglect my blogging duties when life gets tough. Something that I need to work towards, because when I promise you content. It's my job to deliver. And I am sorry for coming up with excuse after excuse. Prioritizing my personal life, like moving across the Atlantic from London back to New York. Or helping out my grandfather when he was ill. Even these past few weeks, after fleeing the state of California (although in my defense, that was borderline scary). In the end, it's just a bunch of excuses.

When I become overwhelmed with anxiety, my brain turns into panic mode. I forget simple things, like my wallet at home. Or leaving my portfolio at the table of The Cheesecake Factory. My thoughts become so clouded that I struggle to finish a sentence. So, imagine how a conversation with another human being would go. Might as well be Rocket Science, not even exaggerating this in the slightest. I'll stop mid-sentence forgetting my thought entirely. And trying to make a blog post ends up in a never-ending ramble of nothingness.

Clearly, I need better-coping methods to my madness.

After a few weeks and getting reacquainted with my old home, things are slowly getting back to normal. I'm sleeping better. As you can imagine after that whole tire situation, nights can linger on well into the early morning before getting an ounce of sleep. Project: office, has helped put my time to good use. Although, it's pretty batshit. I get right out of the car, and before unpacking anything, my first instinct is to paint. And now my office looks like bubblegum is splattered everywhere because I had no patience in picking a color. How does that saying go, patience is a virtue? Words of advice, don't go and choose paint colors after a week-long road trip.

Whatever, it will do. Fingers crossed, my furniture from storage will tie the whole look together, nicely.

Enough about my mundane problems of bubblegum walls (facepalm) and content neglect. I guess that I just needed to vent. Along with publically announce my habits to hold myself more accountable, striving to do better. But that's all anyone can do, am I right?


Today, I want to talk about High Waisted Thongs, aka a girl's best friend. Fuck the diamonds (well, maybe not). But if I could leave you with one piece of advice in the panty department, this would be it. Literally, this style happens to be my secret weapon for life, and encourage you ladies to go out and buy yourself a pair. Like, now. I like to refer to this style as the "starter pack" of shapewear; because it's still slightly sexy, even though the band is much higher than your average panty. Though not as aggressive and intimidating as a pair of Spanx.

I don't know about you, but sometimes a girl just needs extra control and guidance in the tummy area. Or maybe that's just me. There is no shame in needing a little extra help within the shaping department. Especially if you have a body like mine that is susceptible to bloating over everything:

-A week of driving in the car

-Flights (no matter the distance)

-Chips and Guac

-Drinking water all day long

-Taking a sip of champagne

-Bleeding from the Vagina

-Working a desk job

-Smelling Pizza

-Looking at a piece of cake

-Not doing 9450284 situps every single day

The list could go on, ladies. But I don't need to tell you that twice, you already know the drill.

It sucks having to keep these things in the back of your mind when getting ready for any event, let alone a wedding. Even more so irritating, because these events are entirely out of your control. They leave you with the burden of being bloated while needing to look your very best.

Can we say annoying?

But seriously, these high waisted thongs will solve your problems. They also come in different styles, if you prefer a brief. Either way, take your pick.

They also come in handy when you're on the next level of batshit, like me. And have the strangest pet peeve on having the outline of your belly button peep through your dress. Ladies, it drives me bananas. And worst off, I don't pay attention to other people and creep if they have this issue. It's just on me (insert eye roll emoji).

The problems we deal with as women.

So, where can one buy these high waisted panties?

1. Your Local Lingerie Boutique (you can click here for the list of stores I've visited across the country)

2. Department Stores (Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's)

3. Though I always recommend it as a last resort, you can purchase online, too.

Just a little side note, it's clear I really enjoy the concept of this style seeing I own three pairs.

Let's start with the piece that's underneath all the other styles, but at the top of the picture.

1. Commando: Classic High Rise Thong

I wrote a full blog post on this piece a few weeks ago, for #LOTW (lingerie of the week). That is how much I am obsessed with this style specifically. You can read the full post here, or I'll sum it up for you below. Compared to the other two pieces, this one is a touch more controlling. The fabric combo of nylon and spandex snugs closer to your body giving you that smoothing shape. Highly recommend for those tighter fitting dresses.

Size: Medium

Price point: $34.00

2. Hanky Panky: Retro Thong

Not related to the whole wedding theme, but I wear these with my high waisted jeans. Wearing a regular thong would only result in awkward VPL (visible panty lines). Also happens to be another bet peeve of mine. Because of the lace fabric, I would recommend wearing these undies with a looser fitting dress.

Size: One Size

Price point: $23.00

3. Yummie: Ultralight Seamless Shaping Thong

Very similar to the Commando style, this design is also made to help shape and control. Although, the feel of the fabric is slightly softer and has a little more give. For a person who doesn't want to feel as constricted, this might be the better style.

Size: M/L

Price point: $13.00

Ladies, you won't be disappointed adding any of these pieces into your lingerie collection.