But Are You Wearing the Right Sports Bra?

H&M Sports Bra in White Scoop Neck.jpg

Wearing: H&M Medium Sports Bra (Medium)

Guys. I just embarrassingly wobbled down the street and into one of my favorite spots here in downtown Los Angeles, Tom George. Maybe I should have thought about that after taking two workout classes today. Oh, and maybe I should mention that I’m going on hour 29 of no sleep. Yes, you read that correctly.

Around 10 pm last night, I felt it was a good idea to start driving south.

For one, I have no air conditioning in my car. And no one wants to make that drive in the middle of the day with the hot California sun. So before you get al judey, let me clarify a thing to two. I’ve attempted to resolve this issue on multiple occasions. Three if we’re actually counting. Once in New York, another in San Francisco, and during my last trip Los Angeles. I was told “no can do” in both New York and San Fran because it’s apparently hard to fix in cold weather. And the mechanics in LA tried really hard, except they didn’t exactly have the right part. Four hours of my time wasted. Fingers crossed they get it fixed this week. Because there is no way, I want to drive out to Coachella in this heat with no AC. No thanks, not happening.

Secondly, I thought it'd be a really good idea to sign myself up for a 5 am Pilates class at MDR Studio in Venice. Have I mentioned this is my latest fitness obsession? Although, you’re probably thinking who the fuck does this. It always seems that my trips down here revolve around my workouts and timing these fitness classes.

And as if the early morning Pilates class wasn't enough, I trecked my ass to an afternoon HIIT class. We all know that I cannot resist against these classes. But in all seriousness, if you ever find yourself traveling or visiting LA and want a good workout. Make your was to CrossFit213, located in the downtown neighborhood, and take this class. You will thank me later.

Not to bra or anything. Actually, that’s a lie. Sometimes a girl just needs to talk about her accomplishments; I also walked roughly 1.5 miles with about 10,000 unnecessary bags. I over-packed with all the “just in case” things and in reality, only needed maybe three things from everything. The scene was sort of a hot mess. Okay, bragging session over.

Did I mention it’s really fucking difficult to sip on a margarita at this very moment? I lift my arm, and it begins to profusely shake. Like, I’m trying my best to not dribble all over myself. And now I’ve got to attempt to sprinkle chili flakes all onto my pizza. You could imagine how difficult it is to drop any of my lemon water. Oh, the horror. Apparently, I don’t want to use the little energy I have left on moving a cup out of the way.

Alright, maybe everything above literally has confirmed that sometimes my ways can be a little


Just a little side note, I almost fell right out of my chair after crossing my legs. Trying to get serious with this blog post. Perhaps these back to back workouts wasn't the best of ideas.

This is what happens when you don’t seriously workout for a few weeks straight.

But there is a point to this blog post: Why I change my sports bra in between workouts? I mention this in almost every single Sports Bra Saturday post because it's such an important concept. The main purpose of a sports bra is to eliminate and reduce boob bouncing when working out, avoiding any possibility of ligament damage. I'll probably continue to say this until I am blue in the face. A sports bra is designed with a specific workout plan in mind. So, you can't really wear the same type of sports bra for every exercise.

High Impact Exercises (HIIT/High Intensity)



-Plyometrics (jumping)

-Boot Camps

Basically any type of movement that includes pounding and contact with the ground.

Low Impact Exercises



-Bike Riding




All exercises that mean one foot remains on the ground.

Thank you, Google for the clarification.

I thought it would be a good idea to go to class rocking out my Cobalt Blue Zella Sports Bra, the same one that was featured in our Sports Bra Saturday post. If you missed it, be sure to go and check it out. Unfortunately, the bra is no longer available for purchase, but I went ahead and linked the most similar style I could find. And just a heads up, it’s also super cute. This bra is specifically made for the lower-impact workouts. These bras have a little more room for creativity in it’s design because the movements are not as abrupt compared to the higher intensity exercises.

With all the info, you could probably understand why I wanted to change my bra between workouts. As pretty as the cobalt blue is, it would create quite the mess during my HIIT class. This design doesn’t have the right support for coverage for a burpee and box jump. You’ll be adjusting yourself all throughout class, and that’s just plain annoying. And opting out of the boob flopping situation, I went ahead and switched it up.

Right into my white H&M sports bra, I purchased back while I was living in London. Technically, the sports bra is made more for “medium impact.” This one is kind of a hard concept to grasp because everyone's middle is different. But for me, it’s work fine for HIIT classes. So, I go with it. Now here is a quick tip when it comes to these fast-fashion brands. Don’t wash them all of the time. Or wear them now and then. Sure, these brands are inexpensive, but the quality isn’t the greatest. And the more you wash out your bras (and if you but them in the dryer, aka bra suicide) they won’t last as long. So, I have this bra set aside for “emergency” purposes. I wear it once/twice a month to preserve its quality.

So, the purpose of me changing out my sports bra is to ensure my boobs were getting the right support for each workout. To save myself laundry, I could have just worn my White H&M sports bra, but whatever.