Blushing Bridal Robe

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Wearing: Blush Satin Robe from In Bloom by Jonquil (medium)

It's Memorial Day, and hopefully, you've already taken a moment (or two) to honor those who've fallen while fighting for our country.

But I can't help but take a moment to recognize those who are out there fighting for us now. Especially, my good friend Elissa who is serving her first deployment. Beyond brave and support you all of the way. (And don't worry, I am still working on getting snacks for your care package).

For those of you who've got the day off, I hope the day brings you sunshine and clear skies. Unlike the weather, we are having here on Long Island, which is cold and rain. Definitely get out there to take advantage of the backyard and pool. Or head out and soak up the sun rays at the beach. This rain has put a huge damper on my plans. And super bummed that Monday Night Beach Volleyball is set for cancellation, this evening.

Once upon a time, I used to play Volleyball back in high school and then through my first two years of college. I've tried to keep up playing, entering a few leagues here and there. But traveling all over the fucking place makes it difficult to fully commit to anything serious. So you could imagine how happy I was when my cousin invited me to play with their made-up teams.

I get there pretty pumped to play, even though it has been a while. A proper warm-up and preparation would have done me some good. Seeing I went onto the court and completely embarrassed myself. Like, I haven't played that poorly since before middle school, no joke. I was hoping I would be able to redeem myself this week, as I've been practicing a bit. But it looks like this weather isn't going to clear up anytime soon. Though next week, it's game on.

On a blogging note, I know that I dropped the ball a little bit with content for May. The abrupt move from California to New York really threw me for a loophole. And all of the driving really didn't give much room for writing. Now that I am officially all...well, mostly...settled into my new office; it's time to make things happen. Not wanting to forfeit either theme for this month or the next, I figured, why not combine them?

I mean, weddings and travel go together right? Some people are traveling for the occasion, whether it's a destination or not. Let's not forget about the bachelorette parties, ladies. The two go hand-in-hand. Plus, some sassy pieces of lingerie will be a perfect gift for the occasion.

Anyway, I've mentioned in a previous post that my cousin's wedding has inspired me to pick this theme. Oddly enough, it's the same cousin who organized Monday Night Volleyball. He and his wife were married back in December, right outside of Boston. Proving my point, that weddings and travel go together. I had known about the big day for quite some time. I mean, this is family we're talking about. But of course, days before the big day, I was left in a panic on what to bring with me.

There is one piece that I highly recommend makes it into your suitcase, a robe. It sounds so "retro," but I promise you won't regret it. Especially in any of these scenarios.

Satin Blush Pink Robe by Jonquil.JPG

1. Family Matters

Let's just say, your cousin Sally is getting married in your hometown. You're obviously invited to the wedding and plan to make a whole weekend out of it. You arrange to stay with your parents, thinking you'll have the time to hang out with them. But your brother and his new wife, and baby sister all have the same plan. Along with your second cousin, three times removed and their entire family. So what you thought would be a relaxing weekend home, has turned into the madhouse. To make matters worse, you're now expected to share one bathroom with all 85 of your cousins. How fun. The wedding day is quickly approaching, and it's time to pack. You start to get anxiety about waking up in the morning to a house full of 800 people. Now you’re contemplating on how to present yourself downstairs at breakfast. If you should change into your clothes for the day, or to put on a bra under your jammies, or to pretend like you’re still sleeping. But you're a morning shower kind of person, so the last option is shit. A robe, however, can solve all of your problems. You can put it on, right over your pajamas. No bra needed, you can enjoy your breakfast comfortable and carefree.

2. Hotel Romance

Then you have the instances where you need to crash overnight in a hotel. You and your significant other are heading out of town to watch an old college friend tie the knot. It's been a while since you've guys spiced things up a notch, and you're looking to turn the romance on. After a long day full of wedding activities, you head into the shower. You get out and put on a satin robe, that feels smooth against your skin. Right as you walk out of the bathroom, well... you know what happens.

3. Bridal Moment

So, I am sure at some point in your precious life, your Facebook account has been flooded with pictures of your BFFs wedding. You've seen it all, the photos of the family posing, the candid shots of friends dancing, and of course, the pics of the bridal party getting ready. A new trend that has been introduced into the wedding world, the whole party wearing robes. Typically, the bride will wear white, while her girls wear a separate color or print. It's a nice touch. And sentimental (useful) gift to give to your bridesmaids.

4. The Honeymoon

Imagine you plan your honeymoon to the French Riviera, the room is beyond stunning with a balcony that looks out to the water. You and your new husband have no plans to leave the room for the entire day. And decide room service is the best way to go. Instead of getting dress entirely, a robe is a perfect way to appropriately cover up. Yet, still avoid the option of putting on pants.

Literally, this Blush Satin Robe designed from In Bloom by Jonquil goes perfectly with any of those scenarios, and then some.

I found this robe during a spontaneous shopping trip to Nordstrom. The plan was to look, window shop, and take in any ideas. That worked out well, seeing I had left with two different robes. What can I say? The department store carries a variety of their color options and prints. It was hard to just choose one. Clearly, I have to work on my window shopping skills. Granted, I was in the market for a new everyday robe anyway. And i wear it pretty much every day. Typically after my showers or when getting ready to go out. How could you not want to put on something soft and smooth after getting out of the shower? That's what immediately caught my attention with this robe, the luscious fabric. Plus, it's machine washable to super easy to take care of.

The color was another selling point, though it was a tough pick, between the other options. I thought the pink was a nice contrast to my black sets (and totally "on brand"). You know, to step outside the box and bring a little color to my life. Can I mention the stunning arm details for a hot second? Sometimes a girl just wants to look pretty and feel cozy. And if you're a bride, they have beautiful white options for you to chose from. As for the size, I decided on the medium. It still covered everything appropriately, while still remaining slightly sexy.

Whatever the occasion may be, you'll be happy with any robe from In Bloom by Jonquil.



Melissa Cherniss