Best Nike Sports Bra for Light Workouts

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Wearing: Nike Indy Sports Bra (size medium)

So, did you have a chance to read my post yesterday about heartache? If not, deff take a look at it here. For the most part, I don't like to share too much that pertains to my personal life.

A. I am boring.

B. What makes my struggles worth the read?

But it was a post I needed to write. To bury the hatch, so to speak. And to finally come to terms with the reason behind my recent weight gain. I'm starting to realize that I am an emotional eater. Any downtime these past few months included binge-watching episodes of Hart of Dixie. All while eating endless amounts of nachos and guac. I mean, what else are you supposed to do when going through a breakup? Probably lots of other things. But hey, everyone has different ways of coping with life.

Here is the deal, with my weight gain. It disperses evenly all over my body. You'd think that's great and all, but it's also harder to catch. A total blessing and curse. One day the shorts fit, and the next day they don't. It's true though. I've had these shorts for three years now, and this is the first time these babies can't go past my thighs. Like, it's all gravy until you can no longer fit into your clothes. And you're too poor to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. So, it's time to get back into the swing of things. With a major focus on getting myself healthy, both physically and mentally.

You may have seen my talk about the fact I am cutting out alcohol through the entire month of may. It should not only help with weight loss but mental clarity. Sometimes, ya just need a break.

Please know, that I believe it is vital to discuss body changes amongst women. Our bodies fluctuate all of the time, and the smallest changes in our routine can have the most significant effect. In no way do I hate my body, nor do I believe all women need to look a certain way. We are all in charge of our own bodies, and only you can decide what works best for you. As for me, I feel my best at a size four. It's something that is both healthy and achievable.

So my journey begins Tuesday. It kind of already began a few weeks ago. Wanting a change of scenery and knowing it was time to get off my ass. I needed to prepare for the neverending steps of Coachella. The first day of the festival I walked roughly 36,136 steps, which equals 16.6 miles. That's a lot. No wonder I was exhausted every single night. Anyway. There is a waterfront close to my house up north and decided it was the perfect way to combine getting out of the house with exercise.

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The walk in total is only about four miles. Nothing compared Coachella, although I bet some of my steps were a result of dancing. Walking is pretty relaxing, I've got to admit. I'll usually turn on one of my playlists made on Spotify and do my thing. Oddly enough, I get all creative and chipper in the middle. Like, I am that person writing down every crazy idea almost walking into trees and tripping over air.

I'm sure we can all agree that walking isn't exactly a vigorous sport. I mean, most of us are walking every day of our lives. But still, it's best to wear a sports bra during your steps. Again, it's my duty to remind you that the primary purpose of a sports bra is to minimize the bouncing of your boobs and helps protect you from any ligament damage. One of my favorite styles to wear while walking would have to be my Nike Indy. Maybe I should make it plural because I own quite a few. Again, you like what you like, right?

You can find them just about anywhere. Obviously, the Nike store will have them. But you can also find them at Nordstrom and Dick's Sportswear. It's a pretty basic style that has remained popular throughout the seasons. The bra has undergone a few additions and changes, but the original remains in the collection. Also, depending on where you are shopping, you might find a different color combo.

The Indy sports bra is specially designed for low impact workouts, which include walking, pilates, and yoga. Just about any exercise with lower paced movements. I wouldn't suggest wearing this one to a HIIT class, because there is not enough support to hold your boobs in, correctly. I'm all for a sports bra with a racer back feature. For me, I find it a little more secure. Also, this bra has adjustable shoulder straps that make up for the fabric stretch that takes place in the washing machine.

Side note for reminder number two. Please DO NOT put your sports bras or any other lingerie, for that matter in the dryer. It will ultimately ruin the garment. Hang dry, flat dry, any dry other than the dryer. I promise you will thank me for this later. Plus, have you ever noticed those little balls of lint all up on your sports bra? They're sort of annoying with no way to remove them. That's all from the dryer. Stay away; you can find one of those drying racks on Amazon for relatively inexpensive. Now you have no excuse to keep your intimates in good shape.

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Let's talk about the fabric for a hot second. For it is a major component when shopping for sports bras. If you're in the store look at the tags, and online always look at the description. This way you know what you're purchasing. So, you'll want to make sure there is a sentence that says something along the lines of "wicks moisture to keep dry." This basically means the fabric is designed to keep you dry while you sweat. For me, this is a deal killer. I do not want to be walking around sweaty and uncomfortable. You might think that walking wouldn't cause you to sweat so much, but when you're walking on a day when the sun is shining, and the temperature reads 85 degrees. Exercising is already a pain in the ass, let's not make things more difficult than they should be.

I bought all my Indy's in a size medium. Right now, as I fluctuate between a six and an eight, the fit is perfect. However, last year when I was a size four a small would have been a better fit. Although, the difference in fit could have come from all the wear, tear and stretching of the product. But I also enjoy a tight-fitting bra, one that keeps my girls close to the chest and no popping out. But then again, that's just me.

Besides working out, it's a really good everyday bra that you can wear to run errands or pick up your kids from school. I think it's relatively priced well for the sports bras out on the market. Definitely would recommend this one.