An Investment in Your Panties is an Investment in Your Vag

Clo Intimo Front Closure Bralette and Panties.JPG

Wearing Clo Intimo Fortuna Bralette/Cheeky in black (size medium)

Well hello there lacers, guess a happy New Year is in order. Seeing it's been a hot second since our last blog post. I’ve basically been in meltdown mode for the past three weeks trying to get my shit together to get these two projects sorted before the due date. Nine more days and then I can (somewhat) relax. Or even better, put more focus back onto the blog.

Lately, I've seen a lot of questions floating around regarding panties. What are the best brands? Where can you find them? Why are they so expensive?

(I wrote a post not too long ago sharing my favorite five brands of everyday underwear. It's worth the read if you're interested in updating your collection. So hopefully that answers, question number one.)

Personally, I LOVE to use the New Year as an excuse to clean out and update my panty collection. Few reasons. For starters, it gives me the chance to practice that old saying "out with the old, in with the new." Sometimes you just have to suck it up and throw the panties out. Like, that thong you desperately avoid because it tends to cuts you in weird places? Or those briefs because no matter what you wear them with they'll eventually turn into a bulky thong. Fuck the fact you paid over $10 for it. If it doesn't bring you and your vag joy, it's time to go. January is a great month for finding lingerie sales. Most stores and brands are getting ready for the latest collection to drop and need to make room for new inventory. So, why not take advantage? Because let's be honest, we all would prefer to save a few pennies on a pair of panties.

(Answering question number two, shop your local lingerie boutique. They'll have more options than you could fathom. Check out the stores I've personally visited last year.)

Speaking of saving pennies. I get it, we all have that checklist of requirements

-soft fabrics

-great quality

-doesn't unravel in the wash

-cute design

-no VPL (visible panty line)

-easy care

-those briefs stay briefs and not into an awkward thong

Let's not forget the idea of paying over $4.99 for a pair of panties makes you want to vomit. Believe me, I've been there. I was once the 5 for $25 girl. But I've learned over the past (almost) two years of blogging about lingerie, underwear is worth the investment.

Yes, you read that right. IN-VEST-MENT.

We're talking styles that are of the best quality, fit, and functionality. Pieces you won't dread putting on in the morning.

Think about it this way, would you buy a house with a shitty foundation?

Probably not. So, treat your vagina like the queen it is and make sure it's being taken care of right. Don't give yourself the excuse that nobody will see, so who cares? WRONG. You will not only see them, but you will feel them. So why not love what you wear?

Believe it or not, your underwear choices can play into your vaginal health. So it's important to understand exactly how you're dressing her. Like, what fabrics are you wearing? Are we switching them up every few days with something cotton so she can have a breather? It's important to switch up the contents of your fabrics every few days. Fashion will steer us to choose lace and other synthetic made options. Seeing they have the capability of trapping heat and moisture, which could then lead to irritation. It also creates a perfect environment for bacterial growth that can lead to yeast infections and UTIs. So if you're prone to either one of these, best to take inventory of your panties.


Rant over.

But seriously, let's do better with our investments.