An Everyday Floral Robe

Journelle Petal Pink Anais Set.JPG

Wearing: Midnight Bakery Floral Satin Robe (XS)

Please tell me that I am not the whole one who needs a full day of recovery, from a festival? I am talking doing absolutely nothing but laying out by the pool, catching rays, and sipping on piña coladas. This year was rough. After a weekend of camping, minimal sleep, a few fake showers and walking over 40 miles, will exhaust a girl, alright. Who else is with me, that they can’t hang like they used to? Ha!

Now, I am not really a camping type of person, whatsoever. A hotel with a clean shower, toilet, and pool with a bartender is much more my speed. But there is a whole backstory on how I ended up camping in the first place. Did you get a chance to read my post on my breakup blues? Well, feel free to check it out, here. It slightly ties into this story too. For it also took place on the night of my birthday soiree. Ugh, what a fucking day. All my friends were set to join me for drinks at a rooftop bar downtown Los Angeles to celebrate my 27th birthday. But I happened to be a little extra saucy, sipping on spicy margaritas. I blame the fact I was pretty much dumped on my birthday. When my friends arrived, we got onto the topic of Coachella. They explained they were camping. And even though I wasn't keen on the whole thing, I agreed anyway. And because I am a woman of my word, I followed through. It turned out to be a grand ole time. We were a total of sixteen cars and over 30 people from all over the globe.

And a huge shoutout to Greg and Russell for helping me set up "my" tent. Y'all are amazing!

Back in 2015, I camped for the very first time. I showed up with three outfits and a snuggie. Not even slightly prepared for camp. Little did I know the struggle I would encounter with long lines and no running water, for a shower situation. Eventually, I gave up and opted out between day one and two. Fucking gross, I know. This year I came prepared with a privacy tent and the accessibility to take a shower. Clearly, I learned a thing or two. Funny enough, our other camp members experienced my first-time issue and took advantage of my "shower tent" situation. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It's better to come prepared.

Petal Pink Anais Balconette and Thong by Journelle.JPG

Overall it was a blast. I missed a lot of camp activities from being on polar opposite schedules. Just as I'd leave for the festival, everyone was beginning to eat breakfast. But I love getting in early to support the local LA DJs, performing in the Yuma Tent and DoLab. By 2:00 am, right after my fake shower, it was lights out for me.

As I sit here, with my feet in the pool, sipping on my cold frozen drink. I'm thinking of all the hottest trends people were wearing. The number one thing that comes to mind is robes. Pretty sure every girl (except for me) wore one at some point during the weekend. It could have been embroidered, made of lace, or just one of those simple silk robes. Whatever style it was, you ladies rocked them.

Seeing everyone strut in their robes, made me wish I had brought my floral print robe by Midnight Bakery. A piece I scored a few months back at Nordstrom. It was a score, too. I had been on the market for quite some time. And because I am batshit crazy, any robe just "isn't the right fit." But it was time that I finally added one to my lingerie collection. After one look at the floor, I entered the changing room with three different options. One was pale pink with a detailed sleeve, an all plain black silk, and a longer silhouette with a floral print. I must have sat in the changing room for at least thirty minutes deciding which one. Though I liked them all, there was not one that I loved. So, I decided to take one more spin around the store. Maybe I missed something? Just when I thought, I was shit out of luck, I found it. A black robe with a pink floral print and eyelash details. Could it get any more "Lace Appeal" than that?

But of course, the only ONE left was a size extra small. And after badgering the saleswoman to double check; something within me convinced myself to try it on anyway. Hey, you never know! Funny enough, it was still a good fit. I immediately thought it would look great with black jeans and heels, for a night on the town. It's definitely a tighter fit than your average robe, but it worked. Better yet, it was on sale.

Pretty Pink Journelle Anais Balconette and Thong .JPG

Day made.

Again, another reminder and example as to why you should never marry the size. Always go by what fits and flatters your body best.

Since my purchase, this robe has joined my everyday routine. Totally one of the girlier pieces in my collection. I wear it when getting ready for the night, whether that's to bed or out. Like, a feel-good momentum and so nice to wear something pretty before either occasion. It's the little things in life that keep us going, right?

As mentioned before, but you could totally style this robe as outwear. It would be really cute with a pair of leggings and some pumps. Maybe even a bodysuit, too? Proof that wearing lingerie as outwear does not have to be intimidating. We're all about versatile pieces here at The Lace Appeal. The more possibilities, the better. Why invest in a product that you will only wear once?

This robe would have been the perfect addition to my outfit (gone wrong) yesterday. It was really hot. The hottest day of the festival at 101 degrees. There was no way; I was going to squeeze myself into this long dramatic chemise I planned to wear. And of course, I didn't bring any backup outfits. So, I wore a black set of lingerie and paired it with a sarong. I left camp heading into the festival looking like Pebbles from the Flinestones. No doubt, a mirror was in need. And now I am questioning my friends for letting me leave camp looking like the conductor of the hot mess express. As I said, this robe would have been the perfect addition.

Reminder ladies: when in doubt, wear a robe.