Alla Prima Lingerie Boutique Located in the Heart of San Francisco

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You would think after fourth months of living in the Bay Area; I'd be used to the erratic weather changes. One minute, it's sunny and the next thing you know the wind is blowing at like a hundred miles an hour. Or better yet, the weather is completely different twenty minutes from where you are. I am not a fan of exiting the house on cold and rainy days. Sort of like the wicked witch of the west, I'll melt in the rain. Just kidding, but I do have curly hair, enough said. So on sunny days, like today I like to take full advantage and get out to explore.

One of my explorations led me to a lingerie boutique located in the heart of San Francisco, Alla Prima Lingerie. I've got to say shopping for lingerie here in this city has been totally different compared to any other city. The women shopping were a lot more open to communicating there wants and needs in a bra. It was honestly wonderful. A lot is going on in the social media world right now (will be doing a post on this tomorrow) about shadow banning women, mainly, who talk freely on lingerie. Or anything that can be related to sexual content. It's infuriating seeing bras serve a supportive purpose other than looking pretty. Although having the two tied into one garment is ideal.

Anyway, the boutique.

As you walked into the boutique, it was hard not to notice the variety of product. Like, they had it all. If you're in the market for a new everyday bra, or maybe something that's a little more trendy to style with your outfit, or you want to treat yourself after gaining that new promotion, they've got you covered. Literally. And everything was merchandise accordingly, which made it easy to find what you might need. Or be directed to the perfect product. It's two stories of lingerie bliss, trust me, you will not be disappointed. \

I came in with no real shopping need in mind. Afterall, it was right after the holidays. But I did get to have a little chat with the owner. Who was also kind enough to walk me around the boutique showing off her latest inventory. She informed me the store opened roughly ten years ago, to help women find lingerie that speaks to them. It was a very empowering conversation that led me to their Eres location down the street.

So, Eres. Founded by Irene Leroux originally as a luxury swimwear brand. The brand is now owned by Chanel and has since branched off into lingerie. There are only a few standing boutiques across the world. I have been lucky to visit two, San Francisco and Houston. You'll notice their styles are classic and of the highest quality, which also means expensive. But then again, it is owned by Chanel. The entire collection reminds me of laying on the beach somewhere in the French Riviera. Specifically, on a Yacht and glass of rose. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

I had another empowering conversation with the second owner of the two stores. She willingly gave me plenty advice and gained more perspective on feminism. Oh, and a few book recommendations. I left the store feeling enlightened and empowered, ready to take on life. The funny thing is, I didn't even purchase anything. For those of you living in SF proper, you need to go and check out these two locations. Besides finding a good fitting bra, it's important to feel your best wearing it. It's important to shop at a place that wants to invest in your wants and needs, not only the sale.

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Alla Prima Lingerie

539 Hayes Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

Eres San Francisco

471 Gough Street 

San Francisco, CA 94102

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