A Last Minute Festival Look

Italia Chemise in Olive Green from Marie Bella Intimates.JPG

Wearing: Italia Chemise (M/L)

Festival recovery, part two.

I'm starting to wonder if my life is a little like the movie Groundhog Day. Seeing here I am, a week later doing the same thing on a Monday. Lounging by the pool, with a piña colada, reminiscing over the weekend activities. Luckily for my wallet, and well being, there are no festivals to buy a ticket to last minute. Yippy. Recovery day just might be my favorite day of the festival weekend. You sit down, someone brings you a drink, and you lay there letting your body recover.

So, Stagecoach. It was a lot of fun, y'all. It brought me back to my Memphis days with the country music and BBQ. Although, secretly I was hoping Central BBQ would have a 'wing' stand. And yes, I would come out of my vegetarian state for those wings. Like, they're the best. If you ever make it down there, you've gotta try them. Trust me; you will not be disappointed. Pretty sure I ate them every night for dinner for three months straight. As I always say, you like what you like, right? Maybe I take things a little too far. Seeing we're about being honest here, I came out of my vegetarian state for some beef brisket. It was well worth it, although my skin is now paying the price.

Anyway, the festival.

So many people hate on country music. It's the one thing that really steams my clams when other people hate on different genres. Like, I will be dramatic and excuse myself from the conversation. There's no point in arguing with a person who doesn't get it. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean the music is shit. It's just shitty to you. Let other people live their lives. I'm a creep and love to watch other people in their musical element, dancing like no one is watching with no care in the world. Letting their emotions bind with the beats? Ugh, the best.

Outside of lingerie, music is my love. All music, really. I don't believe there is one genre better than the rest. And if I'm not traveling the world trying on pretty lingerie, you'd find me at a music event. Typically, I gravitate towards deep house/techno events. But that doesn't stop me from obsessing over Jimmy Buffett, and following Third Eye Blind, around wherever they go. Did you guys read about the one time I met Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind? It was such a surreal experience, and he gave me amazing business advice. Moral of my story, if you ever get the chance to attend an event, go. Any music that makes your heart sing. You'll have the opportunity to meet new people and maybe even make a long time friend.

Okay, I think I just got off topic a little bit.

For me, festivals are the place to combine my two loves (lingerie and music). I find such pleasure in planning out my outfits weeks in advanced. Trying to figure out creative ways to style lingerie as outerwear. Unfortunately, Stagecoach was such a last minute decision, and clean clothes were a scarce resource by day ten. But a little nifty creativity went a long way. Lucky for me, and from the photoshoot I had earlier in the week. I brought my entire lingerie collection down to LA with me. Literally, the whole fucking thing. So, I had a few pieces that could easily turn into a cute outfit.

Thankfully, I had all the goodies that Hanna Intimates had sent me a few weeks ago. They manufacture and distribute for a brand called Marie Bella. Literally, they make the softest panties. One of my gifts was an olive green chemise that I was able to turn into a dress. Added a little knot at the bottom for a trendy feel, and voila. Sure, the chemise was most likely designed for sleeping or lounging around the house. But why not get multiple uses out of the garment?It was the perfect piece for a festival look. For one, it was so flipping comfortable. How can you go wrong with a soft jersey material? Definitely easy to walk another few thousand steps in.

Let's talk about the deep V neckline. Is it too vain to say my boobs looked amazing in this dress? Well, they did, in my opinion. I currently measure at a 32D, bra size. The size sent to me was an s/m, which really highlighted my chest, without it being "boobs in your face." But also did its job and covered my bloated belly. Thank goodness, because this month was a little extra.

Outside of festival season, I'd recommend this piece as a nightie. Maybe you're attending a wedding soon with your significant other and want something that's sexy, but still comfortable? Totally go with the Italia Chemise by Marie Bella. You won't regret a piece that gives you endless amounts of possibilities to wear and style.