A Huge Thanks to All Readers

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Wearing: Honeydew Intimates Ahna Thong (Medium)

It's almost midnight here in the Bay Area of northern California, and I just woke up from a nap. Nothing like a better way to fuck up your sleep schedule, right? We'll go ahead and blame snacking while prepping for a meal. It's never a good idea. Ate way too much, too fast and needed a nap like it was Thanksgiving Dinner. So now I am wide awake, but I am a night owl. And usually and make a productive night out of my new mess.

The Lace Appeal is officially one year old. It's crazy. I wrote this whole big post on my journey thus far. There were a few ups and a few downs because that's the theme of life. But it really got me thinking about the entire community.

There is roughly 4.5k of us Appealers. And my Instagram statistics inform me, 73% of us are women and 27% men. I'll take it. I created this blog to help women redefine their relationship with lingerie. Too many of us walk out of the house every day wearing the wrong bra size, that can lead to severe back, shoulder and neck pain. It's up to us to start this conversation and make it less taboo. Trust me; nobody wants to deal with the wrath of the pain that is caused by boobs.

My point to all this rambling, throughout my first year of blogging, there has not been ONE rude comment from a woman? Literally, all of the nasty comments made to me were from men. Every single one. Apparently, men really feel the need to take over ever safe space for women to talk about anything. Becuase according to them, I am too chubby. A slut. And let's not forget Thunder Thighs. I get why women have issues with their looks and trying to keep up with the ever ending beauty standards.

So I am here to thank the 3,297 of us women who have stood together and have created a safe place for us to talk about boobs, butts, and lingerie. I'm in the process of trying to come up with a better policy on men. Because I do believe it's important for them to join the conversation and understand our point of view. That bra and pantie sets are worn in real life and not just for sexual occasions. These pieces do have a purpose and let's continue talking about all the different functions. If you have any pointers and ideas, please send them my way!

Thank you all for being SO amazing, and thank you for being apart of what has been the most exciting journey of my life.