A Front Zip Sports Bra by Athleta

White Zip Up Sports Bra by Athleta.JPG

Wearing: Zip It Bra by Athleta in White (size: Medium)

Fashion moves so fast, people. Literally, I bought this bra a month ago and bam, it's sold out in this color. Here is the thing about my reviews and why it takes me FOREVER to post a product review. It's a process:

First off, I typically start off by photographing the piece. Reason being, the product will usually look it's best, before all of the wear and tear.

Then it goes through two workouts and two washes, to see how it holds up.

Lastly, the post. Again, it's only put on the blog if it passes each test.

Side note: during this moment in time, product reviews will ONLY consist of recommended products. Here me out, bras are a personal and intimate purchase. As women, we come in different shapes and sizes, from our bodies to our boobs. Even though I can say it until I am blue in the face, "just because something works for your friends doesn't mean it will work for you," doesn't mean we always listen. So, the last thing I want to do is steer anyone away from finding the perfect product.

Example: let's pretend this Athleta Sport was not a good match. We'll say the fit was off and extremely uncomfortable in every way possible. So here is my problem, to report this negative review. What if the sizing was off, should I have bought a different size? Did I gain weight, from the time of purchase to now? Or maybe my body type is no their target audience. There are so many different variables that can affect a review. So, until further notice, this is my policy. Plus, there is so much negativity towards the lingerie industry. And I do not want to add to it.

But before we dive any deeper into that conversation, let's get back into Sports Bra Saturday.

So, what is the purpose of a sports bra?

The primary use of a sports bra is to minimize boob bounce when working out, avoiding any possibility of ligament damage. It is essential that you wear the correct sports bra for your workout. I always include this little paragraph into every sports bra post as a reminder. There is no reason you should be wearing a bra that is designed specifically for a low-impact workout to your Saturday morning boot camp class. You don't want your girls to be flopping all over the place now, do ya?

Product: Zip It Bra by Athleta

Size: Medium

Color: White

It's a racerback style, with mesh detailing along the back and straps. Allowing a little extra stretch while you're moving, so the bra isn't so constricted. The front zip is really just for show, seeing there is a piece of fabric on the bottom to keep the sides connected. And there are cups if that works for you.

Okay, I had been on the hunt for a cute white sports bra now for ages. I thought it would look the best with my snake-ish print leggings. For black, was too much of a contrast. And I mean, what better way to motivate to get your ass to the gym that a cute workout look?

It was also time to try a new brand. So guilty of buying all my activewear from either Lululemon or Nike. Had to switch things up a bit. I was walking around the Santa Monica Promenade and came across Athleta. Their clothes were cute, and have heard positive things through the grapevine of life. Why not, try it out? I found myself looking for bras specifically for the high-intensity classes. After scoping the store, my eyes were on this super cute sports bra with a front-zip. Oh, and I should probably mention it is white. Which in reality was stupid, because white and burpees are not the best combo. Could have used some logic that day.


I bought it. Again, needed something for my cute leggings I never wear because there is not top that matches.

Shortly after buying it, I was afraid to do a legit HIIT workout, in fear of getting it dirty. So, I avoided anything that had to do with the floors. Unless I was wearing a top that completely covered the bra. But still, the nerves. How sad, I changed my entire workout for this bra?

In fear of further stains, it went right in the wash as soon as I got home. I'm starting to realize there is so much anxiety that goes into having white clothes. Also, probably the reason as to why I prefer black clothing. My second workout included a long distance run. Or at least it felt that way. There is no better way to test out a bra, in my opinion.

Conclusion after both experiences: great. It fit really well, very comfortable. Personally, I like a little extra snug in a sports bra. I find that for whatever reason, zip-ups provide that fit. For another side experiment, I did leave the cups in and had no issues. Everything held up great in the wash, no problems with coloring. But then again, I went completely psycho and washed right after using it. And I am doing another experiment with detergents for activewear, stay tuned.