A Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Chemise in Black by Rya Collection.JPG

Wearing: Chantilly Chemise by Rya Collection in Black (Medium)

I promised you guys all of the inspiration on how to wear lingerie as outwear. But my posts are falling a little short of that. Here is the deal. A few weeks ago, I flew down to Florida to visit my mom in Key West. I thought the warm weather and palm tree settings would be the perfect setting for my festival looks. So, I went ahead and booked a photoshoot, with a hotel and whatnot (to make things easy for changing looks). Long story short, the entire thing was a scam. One of those situations where you don't know whether to laugh or cry. And of course, this was the day before I was heading back to California. Serious, facepalm. Now, I'm left to beg strangers on the side of the street for a little help. Okay, maybe that's being overly dramatic. But definitely bribing a friend or two to snap a quick picture for me. It's kind of embarrassing. Moral of my story, lesson learned never to wait last minute again. An Instagram husband is looking more and more appealing, that's for sure. Where should I submit my application?

So, festivals.

You already know this by now, but I am all for versatility when it comes to lingerie. Call me Lizzie, because I am totally an outfit repeater. What is the point of spending a lot of money on a piece and wearing it once? And bonus points if it's appropriate to wear out in public. Who am I kidding? I can take any piece of lingerie and make it suitable for outwear.

If you're not familiar with the chemise design, it's like almost like a dress. More commonly worn to bed, and are perfect for those times you want to be sexy, but sophisticated at the same time.

A huge thank you to the team behind the Rya Collection for sending me this beautiful Chantilly Chemise in black. Ladies, I am obsessed. It's trendy but also feminine, and slightly edgy. Totally my style, in every way possible.

Rya Collection Black Chantilly Chemise.JPG

There is a deep neckline that can continue further by opening the buttons. It allows the girl to have options, and decide just how low she wants to go. As you can see, the fabric is rather sheer. But the bust and front straps are double layered for a more modest appearance. The back is entirely laced, with adjustable straps to tighten or further drape the neckline. Again, a girl needs to have options. The silhouette is super flattering, curving over the hips accordingly.

So, how the hell do you turn one of these into a festival outfit?

First off, let me start off by saying; find your color and wear it freely. Or if there are multiple colors you love, mix it up. But seeing lingerie is an intimate purchase, be sure to wear what makes you happy.

Secondly, is it sheer? This particular style calls for a pair of panties underneath. Something high waisted would be the perfect bottom coverage. Or pair it with a bodysuit. That would be so cute, actually. Pretty sure this skirt part of the chemise screams boomerang.

Black Chantilly Chemise by Rya Collection.JPG

Lastly, shoes and a jacket. My secret tip for festival shoes, wear something with a little bit of a heel. After all the walking and dancing, by the end of everything, your butt will be perkier. And the cellulite underneath your bum will be gone. It's literally my secret to life. I always suggest bringing a jacket, because the desert gets cold at night. Especially to my first time Coachella goers. Dancing will help, but still.

Oh, and it's highly recommended to hand wash this piece. Honestly, it's super easy. Cold water, detergent, a little hand action and lay it out flat to dry. Super simple. If you need further directions on hand washing, check out my post for a step-by-step guide.