The Best Brands for Vday Lingerie

Best Brands for Vday Lingerie

I mean, you already know my first recommendation will ALWAYS be: get out to your local lingerie boutique, receive a proper fitting and explore all the different options they might carry. It's the best way to figure out what pieces of lingerie will have you leaving the dressing room like the best possible version of yourself. Just a heads up, shopping for lingerie is so similar to trying to find a good pair of jeans. It might take a few tries, but once you find THE brand, you're basically hooked for life.

Before the actual shopping extravaganza, it might be worth sitting down for a moment to figure out what "sexy" means to you. Because everyone is going to have a different interpretation of the word. Some might think that involves a harness and a nipple tassel, while others are envisioning romantic lace. But I think it's worth spending a couple minutes deciding what YOU want and what works best for YOUR body. You're in charge here, remember that.

At the same time, it's good to know what brands are on trend and sparking an interest in the community. This way you can nag the store owner to try on the entire collection. But please go in with an open mind, just because one brand doesn't work for you doesn't mean that's it. There will be other options.


Here are a few of my fave brands that will definitely help get you prepped for a vday mood.

Colette & Sebastian

I mean, we all know my love for Colette & Sebastian. The Malia plunge is basically my go-to layering piece for any night out. It has the perfect balance of both lace and harness. Sorta like you're testing the waters before diving deep into the harness play ocean. Or if you're well past the testing, they offer a few different full harness options that are really flattering. The straps are adjustable, which I personally love. Knowing it will work for whatever time of the month it might be or if I drunkenly ate all of the chicken nuggets the night before.

Maison Close

It's so funny when I first began The Lace Appeal, I refused to discuss any brands/products/styles that related to "sex." At the time, I felt the industry was doing a shit job not overly sexualizing their garments. And would literally eye roll so hard whenever anyone would strike up the conversation. How ignorant of me. Who am I to decide what a brand should/should not do? Also, that would mean I am creating an unsafe platform for women to literally discuss: ALL THINGS LINGERIE. And the everyday woman is making choices for herself. Maison Close was actually one of two brands that helped me see this newfound light. I was talking to the sales rep at CURVE NEW YORK, and it completely shifted my perspective. The creative director of the brand (who is a dude, by the way) also a photographer designs with the idea every woman wearing these garments will be photographed while wearing them. All of the collections are not only sexy but super flattering. Every detail, seam placement, fabric choice, you name it aims to highlight a girls assets.

Fleur of England

Obviously, lingerie is an intimate purchase. For me, it's also emotional. So, I'll admit that a brands story and mission statement will most certainly play into my decision making when it comes to my purchase. I've been lucky to meet Fleur a few times. She was one of the first designers that let me interview her two years ago while I was aimlessly wandering around the Paris tradeshow. At that point, I probably had no clue what I was doing as a brand-spanking-new blogger, but she was kind anyway. Fleur of England is well known for the beautiful embroidery implemented into the styles. And there is always a story that goes behind it. She'll bring out her sketchbook showing her entire thought process. It's not only beautiful but almost feels as if you were on that journey with her. I find when I browse through her styles, I get more of a classic romantic, lush kind of vibe. And I would say that's pretty perfect for the holiday, right?


Certainly, a touch further on the edgier side of the spectrum is Bluebella. And if I dare say, a bit more affordable option for the occasion. I've tried a few of their pieces. One of my faves is a nighty that I'll wear on the occasional night out. I've heard GREAT things about their Nakita pieces and for the price I would recommend.

Elissa Poppy

I saw her collection live in Paris just a few weeks ago. And I am still shocked everything is made of latex. Like, I knew this, it says it right there on her website (that I am constantly stalking). But seeing everything in person, all of the details, I've got to admit she's fucking talented. And also putting a whole new spin on the concept of latex.

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