How to Find the Best Lingerie for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Finding the perfect lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot

Photoshoot with Stephanie aka Brooklyn Boudoir

wearing: Allegra Balconette and Thong from Journelle

Booking a boudoir session can be both super freaking intimidating and empowering, all at the same time. Right after making that commitment a few things might cross your mind:

Wow, I've just hired a stranger to take pictures of you pretty much butt ass naked.

What the fuck was I thinking?

Is this weird?

I really hope this photographer knows what she/he is doing and going to make me look beautiful.

What the fuck am I going to wear?

Just a reminder, YOU ALREADY ARE BEAUTIFUL. And it's the photographer's job to capture those beautiful vulnerable moments that make you, you. All this questioning is going to do is drive you mad and run you around in circles. Half the battle is actually booking the BEST lingerie for your boudoir session. Let's make sure we've got a few things out of the way.

-Check and read the reviews to make sure the photographer is legit if your gut is off, no need to follow through with the session.

-As yourself, why are you doing this? A lot of women believe it's a nice idea as a gift to give for their S/O's for Valentine's Day or as a Wedding present. Personally, I just can't get with that. For a few reasons.

One, not sure I believe giving a picture of myself as a gift is appropriate and slightly narcissistic. Then again, I'm probably the only girl in this day in age that hasn't sent a nude pic to a dude (haha, that rhymed). Please do not take any of this personally. Who the fuck am I to judge? If this is your intention and something you'd like to do. Go for it. Everyone is different. And every woman has the right to do her research and make a decision that best suits her lifestyle without feeling like she needs to please everyone but herself.

Two, a boudoir session is super empowering. You should leave the shoot feeling like you could take over the world with one stomp. Once it's labeled as a gift, the magic can sometimes float away. Sometimes one can start second guessing everything. Subconsciously wonder if your S/O will like the pose? Or the color? Or even the style of lingerie?

But that's a rant for another day.

The session should be all about YOU and how YOU decide to present yourself.

Now, let's cut to the chase. What the fuck are you going to wear?

First thing is first, research. Pinterest is probably my favorite tool for the cause. Pour yourself a nice tall glass of bubbly and spend some time going down the rabbit hole.

A few of my favorite search words for photo shoot inspiration:


Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas

Lace Lingerie

[insert fave color] Lingerie

You can also do a Google/Instagram search too. Some of my favorite accounts are:

Brooklyn Boudoir

Kara Marie Boudoir

Frassy Audrey

After a while, you will start to get a feel for the vibes you are looking for. You could even go a little further and create maybe a one-two page power point for your photographer. This way they can capture exactly what you want out of your session.

Well, I bet the long-time lacers can guess what the second step might be. If you're new, let me fill you in on a little secret. Head over to your local lingerie boutique (Click here to find one in your area. If you don't see any in your area, be sure to reach out and we'll help you out) to receive a proper bra fitting. Hate to break it to you, but almost 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size right now. I was definitely apart of that percentage the better part of my early twenties. The wrong bra can affect more than you think. Sure, the wrong size can cause unwanted back pain, neck strain, and headaches. But let's talk about how you feel when you have to wear a bra that is absolute shit and if you're anything like me you'll dread having to put the damn thing on at all. Getting yourself into a bra/lingerie that fits your body perfectly will completely shift your confidence. And confidence is what we want you wearing throughout your session.

You'll find SO many beautiful options at these specialty boutiques. And I promise you won't be the first one ever looking for pretty lingerie to wear to a boudoir shoot. The associates are there to help you find the perfect styles.

Thirdly, have an open mind. HAVE FUN. Don't restrict yourself. Don't hold yourself to the assumptions of someone else's expectations. Don't judge yourself. Get outside your comfort zone. And most importantly choose whatever makes you feel like the sexy goddess that you are. Take the time during your fitting to explore anything and everything. You'll find SO many beautiful options at these specialty boutiques. And I promise you won't be the first one ever looking for pretty lingerie to wear to a boudoir shoot. The associates are there to help you find the perfect styles.

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