How to Gift Sexy Lingerie to Your SO this Valentine's Day

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Wearing: Fleur of England- Colette Strapless Boudoir Bra and Brief (large in both)

Alright, ladies and gents. We are officially three (well, just shy of three) weeks away until the big VDAY. And I wanna know, are you ready?

Now before we dive deeper into this.  I just want to let you single ladies know- this holiday is just as much yours, as it is for couples.  Because the day is supposed to be filled with love. & love is a really fucking complicated word with so many layers and dynamics. Romance being just ONE of them. But there are more. Think about all your relationships right now.  Your mom, dad, best friend, dog, grandma, (hopefully) your job, even your children.  When you think about those people, you’ll probably admit you love them, but that love will vary.  Nor would anyone expect you to have the same kind of love for each of those relationships.  

And if you’re single, why not celebrate and romance the most important relationship in your life. You know, the one you have with yourself? Like, go out and treat yourself to a new set of lingerie. (Because side note: sexy lingerie is not just for another person's set of eyes. Treat yo self.) That set you’ve been eyeing for ages but can’t find the excuse.  Remind yourself that you are the excuse.  You’re worth every penny.  You’re worth putting the set on blasting your favorite song 919347 times starring at yourself in the mirror.  You’re worth setting the night aside to take out your favorite toy and not be bothered.  You’re worth making yourself a bath with your favorite bath bomb and laying there until you’re over it.  You’re worth letting go of that fear that you may never find someone.  Because you’re very much worth it.  

Date yourself.  Love yourself in the ways that you want to be loved.  Don’t hold back.  Dying to go to the new sushi place that opened downtown? GO. Want to rent an amazing hotel room with a view and a massive tub? DO IT. Fancy a spicy margarita on a spiffy rooftop that requires you to wear heels? Seriously, what are you waiting for? Stop waiting around or relying on other people to take you out to do the things YOU want to do. Treat yourself EXACTLY the way you want to be treated. This way, you won't even think of settling for anyone who can't give you what you need and deserve. You will also learn that some people, though they have the best intentions, just can’t.  This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them.  It just means they can’t.  We shouldn’t fault them for it.  We just need to accept that’s who they are.  Just know you’re worth in every way possible finding the person who can give you what you deserve.  

Now, I’d LOVE to hear what you’re treating yourself to.

For my coupled up ladies.

I took it to Instagram- and asked you ladies what types of gifts you would prefer.  Something practical or something sexy.  To my fucking surprise, y’all chose sexy.   It took me a hot second to soak that in because I believe the lingerie shopping experience is SO empowering.  Especially the fitting part (we’ll talk a little more on this subject later.  it was the hot subject of the SIL trade show this past weekend).  Many of the big brands who have a marketing budget like to play on your insecurities.  Trying to make you think your body is inadequate and needs improvements.  And of course, their products will help you reach these fucked up beauty standards us women feel the need to adhere to.  

Truth is, your body is beautiful just as it is.  And the beauty of the bra fitting is to help you find the products that work best for your body type and shape.  Pretty much highlight your assets.

When your S/O goes shopping for you.  Especially men, sorry to generalize here. They have no clue what they’re doing.  These stores might be a little intimidating for him.  Maybe he feels the stigma too?  He wants to get you the PERFECT gift? He also probably didn’t do his research beforehand like looking in your panty drawer to get your sizes.  So, unless you have one of “those” relationships with him.  You’re more than likely going to get a gift card or a chemise that’s generic or not your taste.  

For weeks- I’ve thought-  HOW CAN WE BRIDGE THAT GAP?  To get you ladies into the store and have that experience AND to get you those sexy products.  Even better to get your S/O to pay for it all?  

So, I've gone ahead and created this template for you to print out and take with you along your lingerie shopping journey. You can record everything you try on and love. Right down the specifics: brand, style name, size, color. Any other relevant info, like the name of the boutique and its address. Pretty much whatever you can include, making his shopping experience as simple as possible. Oh, and if you're feeling extra saucy. Maybe while you're trying a few things on snap a pic that you can print out and staple to the back of the list. This way your S/O can get a sneak peek of what's coming.

I mean, can we say this is deff a win-win situation here??

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