Why I started a lingerie blog

The Lace Appeal wearing Calvin Klein

Well, hello there!

Welcome to The Lace Appeal, your latest blog dedicated to ALL things lingerie.

Can I start off by saying how exciting it is to have FINALLY created a place to talk about my journey of lingerie? The concept of this blog has been in the making for roughly ten years now. Crazy! Well, just under, but ten seems a touch more dramatic so we'll go with that.

Here is the scoop.

I am not the typical girly-girl. More like your typical tom-boy, who likes to play dress up, now and then. Fashion, style, and makeup were never really a big thing growing up. Pretty sure I was fifteen when my eyebrows were first plucked; only because a friend pulled me aside and suggested it. My family pushed for escapes to tropical islands instead of shoveling snow each winter, forever chasing the "salt life." Aka, we were beach bums. You could count that I would always have the latest Roxy bathing suit.

As I got into high school bra shopping was never a thing that came up. For the life of me, I cannot remember my mom ever bringing my shopping for my first bra. If you're reading this mom, I know you meant well. It was as if I was expected to figure it out on my own. There was never the conversation that your boobs will grow, change, and fluctuate all throughout the month. Maybe this is why I wore sports bras all throughout high school. Actually, it's probably because I'm lazy and wanted a smooth transition into volleyball practice.

Things changed a bit the year after graduating high school. I had watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for the very first time. I was in complete awe as each model entered the runway. They were confident and fierce as they strutted the runway in their panties. And I needed it. I sat there planning on going to the mall and buying the entire Victoria's Secret store. But then the worst thing happened. One of their holiday commercials came on right after the show saying something along the lines of "what your woman would want for Christmas." And it infuriated me. Why does a woman's choice of lingerie need to be about a man?

All of a sudden my need for pretty lingerie became a thing. At a young age, I was able to recognize the feeling of empowerment that came with wearing my favorite bra and underwear set.   Knowing the undergarments were hidden only enhanced this feeling.  It was my little secret. After taking inventory of my collection, I found that I had only owned SIX pairs of panties and one bra. Seriously, this makes me hysterically laugh. I guess that is what happens when you live in sports bras, spandex, and sweatpants. Anyway, there my vision of entering the lingerie industry was born.

Shortly after this fashion show, I enrolled into the Fashion Institute of Technology. There I studied Fashion Merchandise Management with the hopes to learn a thing or two about lingerie. Most of my project reflected this, as I would do case studies on VS. Literally, that obsessed.

Fun fact: a few projects included the idea of creating my own company or boutique, "Mo Cherries." How embarrassing? At the time, I totes thought it was the fucking coolest thing.

Through extensive research for these class projects, I've learned that lingerie is a taboo topic within our society. Personally, I think it's a crock of shit. Women wear bra's and panties EVER SINGLE DAY; it's not just for those particular occasions (if you know what I mean). Maybe the lack of education on sizing, brands, and support is the reason over 85% of women wear the incorrect bra size; which is totally ridiculous if you ask me.

So, here you have it, The Lace Appeal. A blog with the purpose of sharing my journey as I explore everything there is to know about the industry. Over the next year, I plan to travel the globe searching near and far for all of the best lingerie brands and boutiques. We'll cover topics like from trending styles, to the best fabrics, to what panties are the best for your period. Hold tight, because this is about to be a hell of a ride!

Melissa Cherniss