Is the Victoria's Secret Shopping Experience All that It's Cracked Up to Be?

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So, as you know, there was one point in my life where my lingerie collection included just six pairs of panties.


At the time my reality was college girl budget shopping at Target or Vicotria's Secret. Because why would anyone look on the internet and search other brands? Apparently, that's too logical. Despite my "rage" towards Victoria's Secret, I still went. How pathetic of me? During that time push-up bra's were THE THING, and EVERYONE had them. So, naturally wanting to fit, feel beautiful, my very first "real" bra shopping experience was a leopard print VS push-up bra, that I only wore once. Still pathetic.

Since my early college days, I've developed a deep love affair with lingerie department Nordstrom. They offer a VARIETY of products, and the staff is super helpful in getting you into the right products. But that's a story for a different day. Seeing Victoria's Secret still reigns as the number one lingerie company in the world (plus, the company has inspired the entire concept of The Lace Appeal). I thought it only made sense to dedicate my first store visit to a local VS location.

First off, I totally get it. Everyone wants to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. I can definitely see how women can get caught up in the brand; that somehow putting on their products will instantly transform you into Karlie Kloss. Well, wouldn't that be nice?

Secondly, it's fucking convenient. That’s the thing about VS. It’s located in just about every mall in America. So, why try something new when the store is probably right there next to the entrance luring you in with Love Spell? Let’s not pretend that wasn’t THE scent back in 2009 and you slightly die of nostalgia with every whiff. In reality, you couldn’t miss the store even if you tried your very hardest.

So there I was, in the Glendale Galleria bracing myself for the visit. I tried my very hardest to be biased, because in the end- you guys deserve to know what’s going on within the industry. Despite my personal issues with the brand.

So there I was, in the Glendale Galleria bracing myself for this store visit. I tried my very hardest to be biased. Because in the end- you guys deserve to know what’s going on within the industry- despite my opinions of the brand. Everything in the store is merchandise to tell a story and create an easy shopping experience. Aka, the styles are grouped based on their level of "risque." It makes sense. The girl who is more conservative will avoid pieces that are a little too much for her.

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Reminder: everyone has a different personal preference for lingerie. There is no right or wrong answer, as long as it works for you!

We all know it’s not a real VS unless there is a messy pile of panties over in the PINK section- but that’s pretty much expected and no need to dwell on the obvious. People can get pretty aggressive when they’re searching that 5 for $25 (or whatever the current deal is) panty bin.

Now of course, in the midst of all this looking around, something caught my eye. Aka the Dream Angel Chantilly Lace collection, literally, I wanted one of everything. After rummaging through all of the different styles, I was finally able to commit to the balconette bra and matching thong. Literally, so cute! I grabbed my size, headed to the changing room for a quick reassurance. Upon my arrival, the sales associate thought to enlighten me my size was incorrect. Kind of taken aback by this, I responded with "I've been a 36B my whole life."

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Right then and there I learned that your bra size doesn’t last forever. Guess it had been a while since my last fitting.

The next thing I know, we were in a changing room, and I was getting the whole fitting experience. Sure enough, she was right my measurements were reading a 34C. Now, some of you might be thinking well they're the same size, because of the "sister sizing" concept. I've got my own theory on that, but we'll save that all for another blog post. Anyway, the associate went and grabbed me the newly acclaimed size. After trying it on, it was a much better fit. I noticed there was less boob spillage coming from the top. And the band felt more secure amongst the body. It looked perfect; I half expected my wings to grow right then and there. Or should I have assumed they would arrive next day delivery? In all seriousness, the set is gorgeous. It fit all my requirements, and was exactly what I was looking for; pretty & comfortable and within my price point.  Purchased. Even after my little shopping trip and finding something I like, I still can't get past the fact the VS business model is based on men shopping for women. It's 2017, why should out only motivation to wear lingerie be to please men? It should be about the experience for the woman, to find what makes her comfortable and happy.

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So, is the VS shopping experience all that it's cracked up to be?

It really depends on what your needs are. Never will I say you shouldn't buy something if you love it. Look at me, I really am not the biggest fan of VS and left with a fucking set. So, what are the rules of shopping? If it makes you feel like a million dollars, who has the right to stop you? I think it's an option for girls in their early twenties on a college student budget. But I also know there are other companies with a similar price point producing products with better quality and message.

Location: Glendale Galleria

2148 Glendale Galleria

E-4Glendale, CA 91210

Melissa Cherniss