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It's 3:35 in the morning and I am nowhere close to falling asleep. My sleep schedule has been so messed up since my return from the east coast. Honestly, I wish I could say it's jet lag. But at this point, it's been a full two weeks, and I should be fully adjusted. The worst part being, I have made zero effort on getting back into a normal schedule. Zip, zero, none. Pretty sure I keep myself going on with the 'night owl' excuse. So my goal today is to stay up until 7:00 pm. And then hopefully, we'll reboot and reset.

The last few days I've started to prepare for my move to London. All of the boring paperwork to prove my identity for a visa. It's been one hot mess if we're being honest here. Like, I've taken three different pictures for my passport. The first one came out awful and couldn't commit. I lost the second. Let's just say third times a charm. Preparing for School Part II has me a little nervous. I've heard horror design school stories, people staying up all night long, working on their projects. Perfecting every last detail, hoping for a good mark. Because if your measurements are off by the slightest bit, you fail. And nobody has time for that nonsense. "Wait a second. My social events calendar is missing." But if Elle Woods can go to Law School, I can do this.

I had my very own Elle Woods moment back in December. It happened during my store visits to the Boston Area. And I had realized Forty Winks Lingerie was only walking distance to the Harvard campus. Quick sidenote: all of the smart people walking within the vicinity. Crazy.


Forty Winks Lingerie, local lingerie boutique to the Cambridge area of Boston. And I'm just going to start off by saying it's REALLY freaking cute. The store was merchandised to a T, making it shoppable and easy to find the product. Personally, I find it to be extremely overwhelming when a store poorly merchandised their product. It's overwhelming, digging around a pile of unmarked product. Hoping after a few tries, you'll find the style you love in the size that fits. Shopping for lingerie is already stressful enough. Let's not make it any more difficult. I'm also obsessed with the way they organized their panties. Like, can I please take this fixture home with me?

I was also fortunate to meet both the owners, Meredith and Rachel. They gave me the quick low down on why they wanted to have their own boutique. It was something they kind of fell into, but also really want to help women find that perfect fitting bra. Did I mention they have free fittings? They were super helpful and honest with their feedback. At the time, I was in the market for shapewear. I wanted something that was going to suck me in tight, to look my very best. They listened to my every single detail before directing me to any product. So refreshing to know that it was more important for them to get me into the right piece versus just making the sale. Overall, it was a fantastic shopping experience and would recommend anyone in the area to check it out.

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After stalking their website, I noticed they have an entire section dedicated to Boudoir. OBSESSED. Lately, a lot of you have been asking "what styles are best for a boudoir photo shoot." It's hard to answer this question because it really comes down to how the style makes you feel. But it's nice to see a store giving inspiration and possible outfit ideas. You'll find a lot of their options are sexy, without being "too much." If ya know what I mean. And, they give some recommendations to local photographers within the area.

How cool?

Every girl needs to experience a boudoir shoot. It will leave you feeling empowered, strong and beautiful. Like you can take on the world, and there is no chance of stopping you. But I am obsessed with the Forty Winks attitude of women supporting other women. It's the way the world should be.


Forty Winks Lingerie

56 John F. Kennedy Street

Cambridge, MA 02138