What I learned In School This Week: Bra Cups

Red Allegra Balconette and Thong Set from Journelle .JPG

Wearing: Allegra Balconette Bra (34C)

Wait, it’s Tuesday?

Honestly, it feels a lot more like Sunday if you ask me.  Maybe it's because I have a day off from school that is.  And I'm just over here slightly struggling to prepare for the crazy week that's ahead.  Or maybe that's the hangover kicking in from the one too many sips of Prosecco I drank last night with Jenny (creator of the fitness blog, The Fitness Mannequin).  We haven't had a chance to catch-up properly since her visit to New York.  Not to be confused with ketchup.  Although, there was a lot of that involved too with our 40 pieces of chicken nuggets.  Funny what two girls who claim their vegetarian will eat when they're drunk.    

Luckily, I was able to hit an Academy Crossfit class at 7 this morning to sweat out the alcohol.  Have I mentioned this is my hangover remedy?  With a side of Cherry Coke for good measure.  Literally will cure your pain instantly.  Surprisingly, I did alright during the workout.  The last time I took an early morning class I completely fucked everything up.  Like, holding two different weights of kettlebells during a farmer's carry.  Oops.  But today was a lot better.  Even better, I had enough energy to bang out 13,122, grocery shop and meal prep right after class.  All before 11 am.  Talk about productive.  

Now, I think I'm ready for a big ole nap.  But then there is all the school work that is calling my name.  Let me not be that dramatic, because it's really not that bad.  In fact, I expected design school to be a lot more intense.  Like all these late nights with no sleep from the neverending projects?  I've spent the last year mentally preparing to throw out bad samples that were sewn incorrectly.  Or dig around the apartment for fabric that was left at school.  Even running down the road to find an eraser just before the store closes.  What can I say, I like to prepare for the worst?  Jinx knock on wood; hopefully, none of these situations ever happen.  Luckily, I've noticed quite a few similarities between our projects and the ones that were assigned to us during the short courses.  Which gives me a little bit of an advantage as long as I can control the sewing machine and not burn any fabric with the iron.  Granted, we've only just begun week two, which means I'm just talking out of my ass.  And will probably regret everything I've said next week.

I've also decided I'd like to get in the habit of doing a weekly post on "what I learned in school this week."  Because sharing is caring in this case. Like little tidbit, or titbit (see what I did there) that can help you guys learn something that can enhance your bra shopping experience.  Or you can just become more enlightened on the subject of lingerie too. 

We'll start things off by talking about cups.  No, not the objects you drink out of.  The part of the bra that shapes your boobies.  Not to be confused with the different style of bras.  We'll dive into that at a later date.  


From to what I am to understand there are two types:

 1.  Molded Cups

A piece of foam is molded by a manufacturer based on the measurements provided by the designer.  It's a lot easier (and more economical) to create a bra with a molded cup.  However, because of the mold, it's not always the best fit.  They're quite commonly found in push-up bras, plunge bras, and t-shirt bras.  

You can easily tell if your bra is a molded cup by taking a look from the inside.  The foam will be quite smooth with no evidence of seams.  Pro tip: always go by what's happening on the inside.  Sometimes, for decorative purposes, the fabric attached to the foam might look like it's cut and sewn back together.  But don't be fooled.  


2.  Cut-and-Sew Cups

Taking multiple pieces of fabric or foam, sewing them together to create a cup.  These cups will typically increase the price of the bra.  Because there is so much more attention to detail needed.       This design is found often in more luxury or lace pieces.  

Despite what people say about the fit and "what's better quality."  The only person that can make the determination is YOU.  Always go by what makes you feel you're very best.  Fuck what anyone else has to say.