The Best Lace Thongs

Journelle Anais Set in Petal Pink.JPG

Wearing Anais Balconette (34C) and Anais Thong (M)

One of the major perks of being a full-time blogger is being able to choose when and where I want to work.  Typically, once a week you can find me at a restaurant with a glass of rose and some kind of appetizer.  There is something about writing in public that adds a little extra zing.  Which is fucking weird for an introvert like me, huh?  Back when I was living in the Bay Area, my restaurant of choice was Zio's.  Based on the fact their New England clam chowder is the bomb.  And coming from the girl who spent a lot of time in New England, that's a compliment.  Every now and then, I get a few people asking me why I am hiding behind my laptop.  Not going to lie, two sips of rose will have me sharing my story with whoever cares to listen.  Every now and then, the convo can turn weird.  Like, when men get too excited and oversexualize the blog.  Trying to buy me drinks wondering if there are any kinky behind-the-scenes tails.  However, one night at Zio's the convo went into a weirder direction than usual.  I was sipping on rose enlightening the person next to me on The Lace Appeal when a woman from across the bar decided to chime in.  Normally, I'm all about having healthy talks revolving undies and lady parts.  But this chick wanted to bash women wearing thongs.  Apparently, the style is uncomfortable and inappropriate.  But like, maybe you shouldn't knock something until you try it, ma'am.  I kind of think picking wedgies from ass on the side of the street is inappropriate.  So we'll just agree to disagree on the topic.  

Here is the deal, everyone has their own preference when it comes to panties.  I'll let you in on a little secret...there is no right or wrong answer here.  As long as you're receiving the right comfort or feeling from the product.  Who the fuck cares what you wear.  I'm sure we can collectively agree that we will do just about anything to avoid our least favorite undies.  Like, doing laundry at two in the morning?  I've been guilty of using a hairdryer to speed up the drying process a bit (if you use this hack, make sure the settings are on cold air).  The way I see it, you can spend the day forgetting you're even wearing panties at all.  Or you can spend the day being constantly reminded of the uncomfortable fit or possibility of VPL (visible panty lines).  And let's be real with ourselves. With all of our responsibilities in life, do we really want to worry over underwear?  Our brain power is worth much more than that.  

So, if you have shitty lingerie that you can't stand...Let's do one of two options throw it in the trash or donate to your local women's shelter.  Just because it doesn't work for you, doesn't mean it won't work for someone else.

Today, I want to bring focus onto thongs.  For selfish reasons, I praise the fact this invention has been delivered and accepted into mainstream light.  Otherwise, you could find me in the corner picking out my wedgie.  Forever crying about the fabric that is shoved so far up my ass.  With that being said, who else better to write a piece on thongs when that's their primary choice of panty?  

Initially, I was going to write all of my favorite thongs in one post.  But then I figured that was an overload of information and decided to break up the styles based on fabrics.  

Here we have a list of my favorite lace thongs because not every brand can "nail" lace.  More often than not, you put on a lace panty thinking you're the hottest thing since sliced bread.  You leave the house, and not even an hour later your vagina is irritated and itching like no other.  To the point, you're ready to go commando even on a cold winter day.  But I promise you, there are some brands out there that have mastered the art of a lace thongs.  Where you won't even have to trade in sexy for comfort.  

These are the BEST four lace thongs you can currently find on the market.

Kavala Thong by Giapenta

A little TMI (although I am pretty sure we've passed that point already) I'm currently wearing these babies.  Totally forgot they were even on until this very moment.  Giapenta was kind enough to send me a goodie package a few months back.  Somehow, this little number snuck its way right into my everyday panty rotation.  It's very comfortable as the lace is both soft and stretchy.  Allowing the band to contour around the hips and booty easily.  And if you look closely, you'll notice there are pretty rose details within the fabric.  It's quite darling.  Overall, I would say this panty is true to size.  However, the elastic along the gusset provides minimal stretch.  And would suggest going up if you're in between sizes.  

Chloe Thong by Marie Bella 

The Chloe Thong is a step outside of the popular trends.  As it's all about the low-rise look that will pair perfectly with your denim shorts or loosely fitted sweats.  Besides the fabric along the gusset, this little thong is entirely made of lace.  No elastic whatsoever.  Fair warning, it is a "one size" (fitting most).  Though I cannot speak for a size extra small, it fits perfectly as a small and not so bad as a medium.  In my opinion, it's a little too snug for a size large (otherwise you'll be susceptible to major camel toe).   

Anais Thong by Journelle

Sometimes, life calls for pretty panties.  The kind that makes you feel like the most glamourous badass bitch in town; which is precisely the vibe I get when wearing the Anais set from Journelle.  At the first touch, the lace seems kind of stiff (especially compared to the previous two styles).  My guess it helps with the stability seeing there are no front seams.  The elastic that runs along the backside and leg holes create a super stretch that lays nicely along the body.  At first, I was concerned it would pinch in the wrong places.  But it does the complete opposite.  I love wearing this panty, it's like it's my pretty little secret.  

Retro Lace Thong by Hanky Panky

You could probably say that Hanky Panky is one of the very few brands who has really nailed the combo of lace and panties.  Seriously, they've got it going on.  Since my rapid weight gain, (real life) I've been struggling with my new body image.  All summer long I've relied heavily on this high-waisted feature that also helps control the tummy and make it appear flat.  Almost like a sexier version of shapewear.  Even better, the lace is so freaking soft and comfortable.  It's made from a nylon and spandex combo but contains a cotton gusset.  Allowing the vag to breathe all throughout the day.  

And there you have it, my four favorite lace panties.  Highly recommend trying these out and not giving up on lace just yet.  

Melissa Cherniss