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It all began about ten years ago when I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for the very first time.  Like every girl, I was completely mesmerized by the confidence glowing from the models as they strutted on down the runway.  My exact thoughts were: where could I find some of that?  Because at the young age of 18, I knew all women should feel that way in their lingerie.  


I mean, it's the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off.  So, why not love what you wear?


The show ended with a commercial, promoting men to shop for their significant others for the holiday season.  Total buzzkill, why does it always have to be about the men?  


Especially, when almost 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size, but we'll save that for another time.    


But living on Long Island would leave a girl with limited local options.  Plus, my mother never took me for a proper bra fitting, that was a foreign concept.  So, what's a girl to do?  I was out there to fend for myself, and Vicky just happened to be the easier pick.   


Years later, when I accepted my first "big girl job."  I became all gung-ho on treating myself to a nice set of lingerie.  But again, faced the same problem, NO F*ING CLUE on where to shop.  I wound up settling for Nordstrom.  


This whole story would keep me up at night: not knowing where to buy bras and panties.  So, I did the batshit thing.  Quit my job to explore this concept of a lingerie blog.  


My original plan was to travel the world, hoping to uncover everything there is to know about the industry.  It began with a trip across the United States, visiting local lingerie boutiques.  Then continued to London, where I studied short courses in lingerie design.  I quickly learned this industry is quite complicated and I needed to go back to the basics.  So, I applied to the full-time design program and was accepted.  As you could imagine, the grand plan, came to a raging halt. 

I applied for the full-time Contour Design Program, at the London College of Fashion.  Was accepted, and begin this fall.  I cannot explain how excited I am to have the opportunity to learn and share everything there is to know about lingerie.  



Bra: 34C/32D (depending on the brand)

Panties: Medium/Large

Sports Bra: Medium

Dress: 6


"How do you find the confidence to wear lingerie freely?"  I actually wrote an entire post on how to feel confident when wearing lingerie.


"Where can a 'lacer' shop for lingerie" is one of the most popular questions we are asked daily.  You can find a list of boutiques that Melissa has visited here.  If there is not a boutique listed in your area feel free to e-mail us with your location and we'd be happy to help.  



What is your favorite brand?  This will be different for every person.  Each designer/brand will offer different aspects.  No two bras fit the same, so it's important to do your own research.  To figure out what works best for you.